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Nueva Esperanza: Y2T1Ph1 The Battle of Three Armies (No 1 – 5th Battle of Nova Roma)

Almost known as the 5th, 6th and 7th Battles of Nova Roma.

The Emperor paced nervously between the walls of the antechamber chain smoking the gold-banded amber cheroots he had listened to his staff. A moments thought and he stopped the purple and gold of the uniform glinted in the dim lighting.

“So, Maoists are approaching the City from the West. Our old enemies the Galtanians have sent in milita from the East. Very well, Magister Equitium take your tank platoon and the 1st and 2nd Cohort of the Legiones and engage the Maoists.”

The paunchy tank general still dirty and unshaven from his last battle nodded.

“Do not fail me again Magister. Magister Galtaniaus Julia.”

“Ave Emperor” The promoted Centurion was everything the tank general was not lean, hungry and radiated danger.

“Take the 5th and 6th Cohorts and drive off the Galts. I shall remain here with the balance of our forces as a reserve.”

“AVE EMPEROR! ” Issued the Generals and staff on mass.

Maoists forces sped towards outskirts of the Eternal City, a platoon of recoiless rifles on trucks leading the way. The 3rd Field Sub-Committee was trusting to the firepower to overcome Roman opposition.



The Roman Armour charged to the fray and with unervingly accurate fire destroyed the lead Maoist platoon. With their prime anti-armour asset destroyed the 3rd Field Sub-Committee decided discretion and fled the battlefield.

One down – three to go!


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