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Nueva Esperanza: Y2T1Ph1 The Battle of Three Armies (No 2 – 6th Battle of Nova Roma)

Hydra Free Companies Consortium After-Action Report


Our sub-contracted forces of the Galt Militia, the National Rifle Associates (NRA) and Condotiterro League (CL) advanced on the target. In opposition were two units of the primates ‘Legion’ known as cohorts. These troops have superb morale and discipline however our forces had superior mobility and firepower.

The Galt miltia took heavy casulties from members of the 5th Cohort firing from buildings on the edge of the city and withdrew. The NRA and CL secured our objectives and the Romans were faced with a choice – stay in cover and face defeat or attack. The Romans had experienced great success againist some of our compeitors in the aggressive take-over market through making taking the more aggressive option.

Roamn forces deploy to meet our attack

Roamn forces deploy to meet our attack

Therefore they attacked, as our analysts had expected. Despite advancing against forces with superior weaponary they made good ground and drove off the NRA. However the line steadied and our arms began to tell. The 5th Roman Cohort was chopped into pieces with only a platoon armed with ‘Ballista‘ rocket-propelled grenades. The 6th Roman Cohort withdrew in good order – despite it killing our Contractor Management Field Unit – though it took we estimate 30% casualties in the withdraw.

The aftermath - red death markers are opposition platoon casualties

The aftermath – red death markers are opposition platoon casualties

The firepower and mobility of our sub-contracted forces was instrumental in our victory. This endorses the investment the board made in these assets in Q4 last year.  The Board considers future prospects for profitable actions by this forces to be extremely promising.

We did take heavy casualties amongst our motor pool in this encounter but would strongly recommend reinvestment based on this battle and our projections for future growth.

(2nd of 3 done.)


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