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SGT MIKE BATTLE: The World Action Recreation of Generic Assault by Miniatures Event



Sgt Mike Battle is a tremendous satirical small-press comic by genius artist/writer Graham Pearce. The collected works are available here http://www.sgtmikebattle.co.uk/ and you can enjoy the good Sgt winning World War Two (several times), mocking 80s action movies, star wars, action figure based comics and cartoons as well as winning the Cold War and War on Terror at very competitive prices.


One miniature = 1 person.

Half the height (rounded for ease) of a typical miniature = 1 yard

Therefore if using 6” action figures 3”=1 yard, 28mm Minatures then 1”= 1 yard etc; 1/72 toy soldiers 1cm= 1 yard

Dice = a normal a 1d6


I’m not bothering with points players should after a few games be able to judge the strength of their forces and what constitutes a victory for one side or the other. There is only one statistic in Sgt Mike Battle a character Battle Factor.

Character Type Battle Factor
Sgt Mike Battle 5
Hero/Villain 4
Loon 2
Goon 1
Civilian 0

Characters also need to be assigned one or more weapons. They can carry as many weapons as their Battle Factor. They can only carry one of each type. Weapons are as follows.

Weapon Type Example
KABOOM Explosive Effect RPG, LAW, Bazooka
ACKA ACKA Automatic Fire M60, Tommy Gun, AK47
BANG Single Shot Sniper Rifle, Winchester
Grenade 1 off Explosive Effect
BASH/STAB Hand to Hand Machete, Spade, Ninja Training, WWE Experience, WWF Experience (Panda Wrestling), Captain’s Shield

(Don’t try this at home, school or at work, even in the event of a terrorist attack as terrorists have a rotten sense of humour.)

Raises an experienced civilian temporary worker to a goon so they can carry and use it.

Single shot.

Stapler, Shatterproof ruler, rubber band
MEDIC PACK Enables first aid



Sgt Mike Battle and Heroes move independently as their own units. Loons, Goons and Civilians are formed into units of one troop type and up to 10 characters.









Each side moves their units in order alternating between each side. Lowest Battle Factor moves first. If they have units of the same Battle Factor they roll dice and lowest moves first.

I.e. Side A and Side B both have a Goon unit and a loon unit. Side A has a 2 Villains while Side B has a SGT MIKE BATTLE. For Example:

They roll and Side A rolls lowest and moves it’s goon unit first.

Then Side B moves it’s goon unit.

Side A moves it’s loon unit.

Side B it’s loon unit.

Then Side A moves both its Villans.

Finally Side B moves SGT MIKE BATTLE.

A character or unit can move their battle factor + 1d6 in yards.

Take of a yard off total move for obstacles (i.e jumping through windows, over walls etc;)

If in a slow vehicle i.e a tank double it

If in a fast vehicle i.e. a sports car quadruple it.

Entering or exciting a vehicle takes a turn. If you roll under your Battle Factor you can then move the vehicle that turn.


Units shoot in the opposite order that they moved so they troops with the highest starting Battle Factor shoot first. Keep the opposite order to movement for that turn if a roll was necessary. All effects of shooting are applied automatically. Roll for the fire from the whole UNIT. The defender gets to choose which figures (including any of the attacker’s friendlies for KABOOM attacks) are casualties.

Resolving Shooting against Units

A six is always a hit a 1 is always a miss.

Troops armed with KABOOM roll one dice for each soldier (including friendlies) in their Battle Factor x yards radius circle around their target.

Only KABOOM (including Grenades) can affect people in armoured vehicles.

Troops with an ACKA ACKA roll one dice for each of their Battle Factor and can apply it to any enemies in the same unit.

BANG just gets one shot.

To hit an enemy role over their battle factor subject to modifiers, if hit they lose one Battle Factor & one weapon type. When a troop has 0 Battle Factors they are out of combat (dead, unconsciousness, having Vietnam flashbacks…)

Shooter hasn’t moved -1
Shooting from moving vehicle +1
Defender in cover +1
Defender in armour +1
1980s and Defender is a Hero+ in string vest or bikini as appropriate +1
Defender in a vehicle +1

Shooting Vehicles

As well as being Fast and Slow vehicles are also Armoured or unarmoured.

Unarmoured vehicles are knocked out by any hit but all fire from the attacking unit must be on the vehicle (not the occupants) use the driver’s Battle Factor to determine hits.

Armoured Vehicles can only be knocked out by KABOOM (including grenade) hits all fire from the attacking unit must be on the vehicle (not the occupants) use the driver’s Battle Factor to determine hits. A successful hit on an armoured vehicle reduces the occupant’s battle factor by 1.



If a member of a Unit moves next to an opponent then all member of both units are in Melee. This is no holds barred close quarter combat.

No Unit in Melee can be shot at.

Vehicles cannot engage in Melee or be attacked by melee.

All figures in units engaged in melee get to roll as if armed with ACKA ACKA if they have melee weapons, otherwise as it armed with BANG weapons

The UNIT they moved into melee gets -1 to it’s rolls as the ‘charging unit.’ There is no -1 for not having moved in melee but all other mods apply.


SGT MIKE BATTLE and Heroes/Villains never check morale.

Units check morale when they have 50% casualties and each turn they have a casualty (including a vehicle) thereafter.)

To check Morale roll under the Units Battle Factor (-1 to roll if a friendly hero is within 6” -2 to roll if SGT MIKE BATTLE is friendly and within 12”)– if fail the unit leaves the table (surrenders, routs, hides under the table, looks for well-paid temporary admin jobs etc;)

After Morale a unit with a medic packs can apply combat medicine. A medic pack is carried instead of a weapon and if a roll under is successfully made under the Units Battle Factor a Battle Factor lost due to enemy fire/melee can be added back. They do not recover any lost weapon types. Medic packs are multi-use but can only be used on one unit per turn. Medic Heroes/Villains can apply combat medicine to friendly forces if in base contact with a member of that unit at the end of the turn.


And that’s it – I do have rules in mind for airstrikes etc; but I think first I need to play test these!


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