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Nueva Esperanza Year 2 Phase 2 Battles

Nueva Esperanza W ProvencesT5end

The complicated 3-way war in Nova Roma gives GM a headache but it looks like he fights will be as follows…


2nd Battle of Leptis Magna  (LM) Valkyrie Asset Acquisitions (International) Ltd v Maoist 3rd (Motorised) Front


8th Battle of Nova Roma  (LA) Maoist 5th Front (& 3rd Motorised Front if victorious in Phase 0)  v Roma Garrison

If Romans victorious they then attack in a 3rd Battle of Leptis Magna (LM)

Invasion of Syk (SK) Thorvald’s Thunderers (Midgard) v Knights of Syk

Moaists Peacefully occupy Momcastia (MA).

Romans occupy Baetica Inferior (BI) (potential battle if Maoists defeated and retreat from 2nd Battle Leptis Magna.)


Victor 2nd (or 3rd) Battle of Laptus Magna (LM) attacks the occupier of Latium

Liberation of San Maria (SM)  Maoist 1st (Shock) Front v the San Maria Defence Forces

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