Drakesdoom: The Wide Wide World


While my participation in Drakesdoom is on hiatus I am going to continue to develop the world. With that in mind here is a very high level map of a portion of that World.




Drakesdoom sits in the Continent of Discoverie. Not that natives of that continent (like the Desert Raiders, Widnez, Starakand or Tawny) actually call it that. Discoverie is the name given to the continent by explorers from Ancienia. The Coast of the continent is falling prey to colonial settlement from Ancienia and other powers (i.e. The Jade Coast.)

Ancienia is a bustling continent of warring small powers exploding upon the world in ships and commerce. It was in times of yore a fiefdom of  a great maritime power the Malkian Empire. They share the Adrianist religion that came out of the fall of that Empire but there is a great deal of religious dissent and war. Recently Ancienian powers have begun to settle on the coast of Discoverie stealing territory from barbarian tribes. Persecuted religious minorities have pushed to inner Discoverie, to settlements like Drakesdoom in search of a better life.

That Empire has long since fallen but the Neo-Malkian Empire sees itself as continuing it’s legacy. This is curious as the Neo-Malkian Empire is a land based empire whereas the Malkian Empire was maritime. It also speaks a different language, worships a singular gods as opposed to the sevenfold deity of Malkia, has different institutions and is a monarchy rather than an oligarchical republic.

Universara is a polyglot myriad of tropical fiefdoms with an Indian feel. Mu is the shattered remnants of the ancient Lemurian Enemies of Malkia – the pale, blond inhabitants reduced to a nearly troglodyte existence in the caves and petrified forests of their sorcery ruined homeland. They still worship their cold, inhuman gods.

Amazonia is as yet untouched by Ancienian colonialism. It’s coastal states on the shores of the Great Ocean have sufficient strength to be able to dictate terms to visitors.

Universara, Amazonia and much of Discoverie are very sketchy- deliberately so  as to allow things to develop in play.

The observant amongst you will note there is no African analogue in this map – that’s because rather have a direct analogue I thought (inspired to some extent by  the Summer Islands in Song of Ice and Fire) I would have this worlds Black culture be a maritime one crossing between Amazonia and Unvenisara and penetrating deep inland. This would be a flip of our worlds experience (where Africa was ‘discovered’ and exploited by maritime powers – to quote Malcom X ‘Plymouth Rock landed on us.’)

I’ve recently found some old material which can be used to populate Ancienia and the Ancienian colonies with detail. It’s handwritten so I can edit as I go. I also think material from my old Captains of Atlantis game can be used as backstory for the ancient Malkian Empire (and it’s fall,) if that’s ever needed.



3 comments on “Drakesdoom: The Wide Wide World

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