Religion in Drakesdoom – the Ancienian Faiths – High Adrianisim



The Holy Triangle of Adrianisim

The Holy Triangle of Adrianisim

Main God: The Spirit (Creator, The Vessel (Adrian), and The Voice.)

Secondary ‘Gods’: the 10 disciples of Adrian, the Prophets and the Martyrs

Type: Monothesitic

Direction: Expansive, non-exclusive, open

Size: Large it is the ‘state’ religion in the vast majority of countries in Western and Central Ancienia.


The Church is led by an infallible Pontifex elected by his Cardinals. He is both spiritual leader and temporal ruler of the Pontifex state a small kingdom surrounded by enemies. He appoints Cardinals, Arch-bishops, ad bishops who command his parish pastors and priests. In addition he is supreme commander of the Holy Orders, the Inquisition and 3 monastic orders:

Brotherhood of Litigus Scholastic monks devoted to the Pontifex. They have very strict vows but many priories and abbeys are now corrupt. They are also extremely politically involved but on the level of Kings and Dukes. Friar preaching to the poor is now a distant memory.

Norision Order The ‘working’ order which is involved in lots of work in the community, lay preaching and sending out Friars to preach and help peasants through practical works. While less corrupt and more popular with the people that the Litigurians they are frequently subject to the attentions of the Inquisition as their preachers tend to bend scripture to the local conditions.

The Preaching Host (The Reformists) A new order built to be a flaming arrow into the heretical preaching of Dissentists. The Host push for reform in the Church (i.e. stopping selling indulgences) as well as orthodox purity in apply scripture. The order also fights for new souls outside Ancienia through missionary work.

Militarism: The High Pontifex worldwide leader of the church relies on mercenaries and allied Yesyan troops to protect his lands.  The Church does have it’s command 6 Holy Orders of Paladins and an inquisition. The Paladins main focus is on heresy and infidels and they are theoretically above national politics and personal gain. Lay members are simply devout warriors and may rise to high administrative rank.  However the core and high leadership of each organisation are warrior-monks allied to one of the Monastic orders. They and their main geographic recruitment and area of activity are:

Order of Litgius the Divine (East and central Ancienia, Litigurian)

Templars of the Holy City (North and east Ancienia, Norision)

Knights of the True Message (Universal, Litigurian)

Order of the Conquering Faith (Discoverie, Litigurian)

The Cardinals Company (D’elan, Reformist)

The Papal Sword (Yesyan and the Pontifex State, Norision.)

A separate Inquisition exists and operates subject to the goodwill of local temporal authorities.

In Drakesdoom

A High Adrianist Church will be in the Religious Quarter. The Paladin Guards Company will include fallen and current members of High Adrianist Holy Orders. Norision monks will have come to Drakesdoom with common migrants while their rivals in the Litigurian Order may have accompanied fallen Noblemen who’ve come west. Norision monks and nuns will also work in hospitals of the city. Meanwhile a small cadre of mustard keen Preaching Host brothers try and convert the heathens of the City and ‘Hell on Wheels’ and even reach out to the Desert Raiders.  The Host will also try and covert the Margrave to the true religion. The Margraves edict of toleration means the Inquisition has no place in Drakesdoom or the broader Midmark. Any activity it does undertake, must by it’s very nature be covert.


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