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Religion in Drakesdoom – the Ancienian Faiths –Slovo Adrianisim

Slovo Adrianisim

In the Neo-Malkian Empire and other Eastern territories of Ancienia Adrianisim took a very different stance to High Adrianisim. After much debate Adrian was seen as an intensely holy figure but not part of the the Spirit. What High Adrianists recognise as the Voice was seen as an integral part of the Creator. Meanwhile various elemental and animal deities of the Slovo tribes where located in Scripture, often in disguise and the religion grew into a curious hybrid. The Pontiff could not accept this and the two Churches split, with much blood split around 2000 years ago.

The Device of Slovo Adrianisim - represents the oneness of the Creator.

The Device of Slovo Adrianisim – represents the oneness of the Creator. Icons are much more commonly used than this symbol.

Main God: The Creator

Secondary ‘Gods’: Adrian & the Prophets, the Animal Lords, the Elemental lords, the Saints and Icons.

Type: Monothesitic

Direction: Expansive, non-exclusive, open

Size: In Neo-Malkian Empire, Koroviski, Vorovia, Gatovia, Kradrack-Liviski, Moltoslava it is the state religion.  There are minorities practising it in the Nushrushar Reich, Sycthia, Urginski, Paneskit and Kananandra.

Organisation: A Chief Patriarch is appointed by his successor ir if no successor is appointed then all Patriarchs assemble to appoint one amongst themselves. It is considered dutiful to step down (to a comfortable monastery) after 7 years and a day. (This is an ancient Slovo Holy number.)

A Patriarch is a travelling Preachers with a large enough following and reputation to be recognised as such by his peers.  Priests are appointed by the Chief Patriarch to serve a Parish but after 7 years and a day they may take to the road as Preachers and try and build a following. Many prefer a comfortable life as  Priest which in Slovo Adrianisim allows a family life (Preachers, Patriarchs and High Patriarchs however must be celibate and unmarried.)

Monasticism is discouraged (though some Abbeys exist) as the Church sees a Priests duty is to the community not his own enlightenment. Confessions exist but are not formal affairs and both direct confession to the Creator or via lesser spirits is seen as acceptable. There is no Inquisition though different Patriarchs may hide their rivalries behind doctrinal differences. Needless to say Slovo Adrianisim is seen as a vile heresy by the High Adrianist Pontiff.

Militarisim None – the Church emphasis a warriors role as a defender. Armys are a thing of Emperors and Kings not the Church.

In Drakesdoom: Individual families and adventurers might practice Slovo  Adrianisim. The real challenge would be if large numbers of believers entered the Midmark and how High Adrianists who consider them little better than devil worshippers who react.


One comment on “Religion in Drakesdoom – the Ancienian Faiths –Slovo Adrianisim

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