Religion in Drakesdoom – the Ancienian Faiths –The Duninaden State Church

The Duninaden State Church

The Duninaden Flag (and symbol of the Dunianden State Church)

The Duninaden Flag (and symbol of the Dunianden State Church)

The Church in the island Kingdom of Duninaden has under the influence of Dissentist thought and the desires of the King for independence left the High Adrianist Church (http://wp.me/pRURp-GY ). It occupies a curious middle ground between the theological divides of Dissentist Churches and the High Adrianists.

Main God: The Spirit (Creator, The Vessel (Adrian), and The Voice.)

Secondary ‘Gods’: the 10 disciples of Adrian, the Prophets and the Martyrs

Type: Monothesitic

Direction: Expansive, non-exclusive, open

Size: Compulsory state religion in Duninaden and prevalent in the colony of New Duninaden

Organisation: The King is Governor of the Church, is role as anointed Monarch also giving him mastery of the Church. He appoints the Bishops who make up the Curia (parliament) of the Church. There are no official Holy Orders and those monks who professed loyalty to the High Adrianist Pontiff have had their lands and revenues confiscated. Individual abbeys may be supported by local dioceses but there are no broader organisations of monks. The Church does use the instrument of Confession – contrition is between an individual and the Spirit. The Church also does not sell indulgences like the High Adrianist Church. The Religion is effectively a politically tame cleaned up version of High Adrianisim.

Militarisim The Church encourages chivalric practices and supports the King. The only soldiers in it’s employ are lightly armed Church Wardens who are volunteer parishioners who protect churches and vicars.

In Drakesdoom As the state religion of a small country the Church has no formal presence in the City. A few Vicars might serve parishioners conducting ceremonies in houses of the faithful. Settlers from New Duninaden have established half a dozen or so settlements in the Midmark which have Duninaden State Churches. The effective distance from the writ of King and Curia means these are effectively independent small churches in reality.

2 comments on “Religion in Drakesdoom – the Ancienian Faiths –The Duninaden State Church

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