Religion in Drakesdoom – Ancienian faiths – Freyorianism

Within the various Dissentist sects their came a strand which argued for a greater voice for women in the Church. It was repressed but thanks to an inspiration Dunlochian preacher and pamphleteer Freyor it condensed into a separate if oft persecuted sect. The main spring of Freyor’s teaching was that with the exception  of Adrian (himself part of the Spirit) the follies of the High Adrianist and other Churches was that they put power into the hands of men. It was women as the nurturers of creation, those entrusted by the Creator to bring new life into the world who would more properly be the keepers of his word. In Ancienia Freyorianism lives a furtive existence persecuted by Dissentists and High Adrianists alike. However, in Discoverie a colony of Freyoria has been founded and the feminine theological and governmental  principles of Freyorianism are the foundation of the state.

Early in the says of the Freyorian colony a heretical sect of the Einvolkists sprang up (they will have their own entry later) – these heretics are persecuted by the Freyorians without compunction.


Main Gods  The Father Spirit (Creator, Vessel, Voice)

Secondary Gods None

Direction Expansive, Non-Exclusive, Open

Type Monotheistic

Size Small communities in Northern Gothica and Dunloch. The state religion of the Commonwealth of Freyoria, a colony of religious refugees on the Eastern coast of Discoverie.

Organisation Only women (as opposed to men) can be Priests. How can a man be a wife to the Father Spirit after all?  Applicants for Priestesshood as subject to severe moral testing, if successful they are appointed to a Family (Parish.) Family Mothers elect Community Mothers who in turn elect Earth Mothers to Freyorian Council. From the Council a Elder Mother is elected as final authority on doctrine. Persecution has made Freyorian much more united than other Dissentist faiths. The persecuted Churches in Ancienia send representatives to the Elder Mother in Freyoria.

Militarism  Violence is a pathetic male solution to problems and the bearing of arms a brutish and impatient job best left to the limited abilities of men. That said it is occasionally useful. Therefore every Family (Parish) organises its menfolk in a Militia of Faith and equips them from tithes. In Freyoria a full time Commonwealth Guard is also paid for from tithes to assist the militia.

In Drakesdoom Some Freyorians seek a better life out west and bring their faith with them to Drakesdoom and the Midmark. Other Freyroians both male and female rebel against it’s tentant and come west seeking religious freedom. A small sisterhood of Freyorian missionaries lead by Zara Richenbach   are living in the Alleytown preaching in the City. The Margraves edict of toleration protecting them against their fellow Adrianists – they are starting to make inroads amongst the sex workers of Drakesdoom and Hell on Wheels. They are also sounding very persuasive to some society wives bored of the limited role Drakesdoom High Society allows them.

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