Religion in Drakesdoom – the Ancienian Faiths – (Adrianist) Dissentisim

Over the last few hundred years anger has built in Ancienia against the corruption and temporal power of the Pontiff and the High Adrianist Church. Starting with a few rebel monks and priests a movement has risen, particularly in the Gothican areas of Ancienia that rejects that corruption and the suspect theology that underpins it. A movement that focuses on the original scripture of the Life of Adrian and ignores the Apocryphal Saying of the Disciples.

Main God: The Spirit (Creator, The Vessel (Adrian), and The Voice.)

Secondary ‘Gods’: None

Type: Monothesitic

Direction: Expansive, non-exclusive, open

Size: Strongest in the Disent Cantons but many followers in Western and Central Ancienia. Religious persecution has also meant a disproportionate numbers of Dissents have emigrated to the Discoverie (including Drakesdoom.)

Organisation: Preachers are elected by their Parishioners and are unpaid. They in turn elect volunteer unpaid Overseers administrate regions and in turn elect Elders who sit in Council for the Dissenist Church in the country. Churches do split, merge and reform depending on personality politics, attitude of the ruling Prince and inroads by the High Adrianist Reformists (and Inquisition.)

Militarism ‘Violence is wrong but the foul darkness of Pontiff, paganism and atheism need to be taught the error of their ways in blood and fire!’ The Church has no official military but preachers often lead Disenta Army units and in other nations (i.e High Adrianist Kingdoms) the Church is often a focus for revolts.

In Drakesdoom There is a Dissentist Worship Hall in the Religious Quarter. It is an open building that any Dissentists can preach at. Many rural communities have Dissentist preachers and these have buried their theological differences in the face of the sheer religious variety that exists in the Midmark to form the ‘Midmark Dissentist Fellowship.’ The Fellowship tries to influence the Margrave’s policy – he is, of course, having none of it.

2 comments on “Religion in Drakesdoom – the Ancienian Faiths – (Adrianist) Dissentisim

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