Religion in Drakesdoom: Faiths of Ancienia: Crimyelan Heresy

Crimyelan Heresy

In the Western fringes of Ancienia, wherever a Crimyelan tounge is spoken, namely the Duninaden conquest of Crimyela but also Og ne Turthan, northern Ecotch and Armourica, a distinct rebel church has evolved.

Main God: The Spirit (Creator, Vessel, Voice)

Secondary ‘Gods’: 10 Disciplines, the Prophets, the Saints

Type: Monothesitic

Direction: Expansive, non-exclusive, open

Size: Og ne Tarthan eastern coast, Ecothc Highlands, North Crimyelan mountains, south Armor Coast. Some converts amongst the Hesclek tribe sof Eastern Discoverie whose language and culture appears related to that of the Crimyelan peoples.

Organisation: Priests of the Crimyelan faith reject the authority of their High Adrianist or Dunianden State Church bishops and preach and hold serves in their own tongue (rather than Malikian.) They revere the Pontiff but their preaching is tainted by the traditional Crimyelan respect for liberty. Rival heretical colleages exist in the northern Crimyelan mountains and Oge Ne Tarthan producing new generations of heretical priests separate from the influence on the Pontiff. Given the religious schisms on the Continent the Crimyelan Hersey is not a target for the Inquisitions wrath…yet.

Militarisim None

In Drakesdoom A disproportionate number of the immigrants to the Midmark come from Crimyelan lands – consequently the Religious quarter of Drakesdoom boasts a humble chapel. The bullet headed, goateed, thick set and thicker accented Father Fergal runs a soup kitchen and a boxing club for urchins amongst his other pastoral duties.



2 comments on “Religion in Drakesdoom: Faiths of Ancienia: Crimyelan Heresy

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  2. […] a burned down tavern was abandoned by the innkeep. A Tarthan Adrianist priest following the Crimyelan heresy Father Slaine Fynn was gifted the ruin. Saline is 5′ 8″ broad and stout with a bullet […]

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