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Religion in Drakesdoom: Faiths of Ancienia: Revisionism


The Gothician prince, the Kaiser of the Nushrushar Reich Freihart the Great has embraced elements of Dissentisim in his new state church.

Main God: The Spirit (Creator, Vessel, Voice)

Secondary ‘Gods’: 10 Disciplines, the Prophets, the Saints

Type: Monothesitic

Direction: Expansive, non-exclusive, open

Size: Nushrushar Reich, minorities in Rhuravia, Untenberg, Asherlung and Zuvivia (in territories frequently exchanged with the Reich in frequent wars.) Dunloch has it’s own Guild sponsored Revisionist church.

Organisation: Preachers are trained in Revisionist Universities in Nushrushar, Eastern Dunloch (Amastague) and Novakan and employed by their local Bishop as a Parish Preacher or travelling missionary. Bishops are elected by Disocean Councils whose members are appointees of the previous bishop. The Revisionist Church is strongly anti-corruption and fiercely anti-high Adrianist. Services are held in the local langage and Parish Council (appointed by local nobles or politicians) help the local Preacher run the Church. Monasteries are attached to universities and are working insitutions.

Militarisim None, though violent intention is implied towards the High Adrianist Church.

In Drakesdoom In the absence of political support Revisionism has no real presence in Drakesdoom, though of Dissentist beliefs tending to join one of those sects.


One comment on “Religion in Drakesdoom: Faiths of Ancienia: Revisionism

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