Religion in Drakesdoom: Ancienian Faiths: Scandivar Adrianism

In the far north of Ancienia the Scandivar peoples have adopted Adrianism to their existing pagan religion forming and syncretic faith.

Main God: The Spirit Allfather (Creator, Vessel, Voice)

Secondary ‘Gods’: 10 Disciplines, the Prophets, the Saints, the traditional Gods

Type: Henotheistic (i.e., involving devotion to a single god while accepting the existence of others.)

Direction: Expansive, non-exclusive, open

Size: Scandivar Jarldoms, Scandivar settlements in Duninaden, Ectoch and Og ne Tartha as well as Alfheim (Discoverie.)

Organisation: Most communities have at least one Shaman and at least one lay Preacher often a skald (bard.) The eldest Shaman in a Jarldom usually respected as representing the Allfather in the area. Shamans are hereditary position but anyone can become a lay preacher if the community accepts them (including women.) Doctrine is formed through mediation, argument, prayer and proper consideration of the Adrianist scripture, scandivar legend and experience. The Confessional does not exist as a tradition but a declaration of sins in a village ‘Ting is encouraged providing it is sincere (it may also act in a secular justice function if the ‘Ting sets compensation for a transgression.) Often a Shaman’s wife will be a lay preacher and cover for the Shaman if he has to accompany the village’s warriors on ‘Viking.’ There is no monastic tradition (other than that of the Adriansberserker (below.)

Militarisim No organised bands but if a warrior feels the call to faith he may become an Adriansberserker. Living the life of a Friar, wandering the lands, staying with Shaman and preaching and using his martial skills to defend the meek. These warrior-hermit-paladin figures are recognised by tattoos of the Adrian symbol on their pectorals (if male) and forearms (if female.) News of a rogue Adriansberserker draws true ones like a moth to a flame.

In Drakesdoom A steady stream of Scandivar migrants come to the Midmark. A few villages settled by Scandivar will have Shaman, Scandivar sailors on Lake Halit may have lay preachers on their ship. There is no Church in the religious quarter of the City let as the Scandivar population have no Jarl or ‘Ting to get one started. The Necropolis and organised crimes predations in the City have both attracted Adriansberserkers to fight evil. A number of Adriansberserkers fight in the Paladins Company of the City Guards.

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