Religion in Drakesdoom: Einvolkism

In the Freyorian colony of Freyoria some settlements on the fringes of the wilderness, perhaps influenced by ancient and cyclopean burial mounds have adapted the belief into something else.

Main God: Father Sky (the Spirit)

Secondary ‘Gods’: Mother Earth, The Totems

Type: Pantheistic

Direction: Expansive, non-exclusive, open

Size: Western Freyoria, also there may be hidden sects in some Ancienian Universities.

Organisation: Nominally the same as the feminine branch of Dissentism which Freyorianism . However the Einvolkists have come to believe in the fundamental good behind all religions. All people are in fact One Folk and worship One God. The tragedy is that only the Einvolkists realise it. They have also accepted magic as an acceptable branch of science.

They have come to embrace sexual promiscuousness as a sensible choice by a woman seeking the joy of children. Men however have no such license. This double standard is less illogical than one might think. Einvolkists traditional communities border mainstream Freyorian and Yesyan colonies, they also trade and raid with Hesclek and Khansman tribes. Migrant caravans heading West also go through their territory so men from outside their communities are not in short supply.

Militarisim All Einvolkisims are dedicated to defence of their religious freedom at confirmation. Military force is only seen as acceptable in self-defence. The savagery of their neighbours both civilised (Yesyan and Freyorian) and barbarian (Hesclek and Khansmen) means that a rather pre-emptive approach is adopted to self defence.

In Drakesdoom Freyorian crusades have destroyed a number of EInvolkist settlements and others have fled the violence and headed on mass to the Midmark. They have few dealings with the City but rather have resettled their villages (Eleanorsburg, Marlenetown and Katherine City) in the middle stretch of the Midmark keeping themselves to themselves. They grow crops and run enough livestock for their needs, trading with the City and their neighbours only when necessary. They have elected a Community Mother Henricka Zimmerman who effectively runs their territory as a state within a state.

Having fled persecution they have maintained strong militias in the manner of Freyorian forces (modest dressed men wielding crossbows or pikes/halberds in disciplined formations under elected officers.) A small body of cavalry, the ‘Ironsides’ have also been formed which is a departure from practice in Freyoria. Some of the women in the community have mastered esoteric arts and ride alongside the militia bringing their magic to bear. It is unclear whether they have bought the necessary shares from the Margrave to legitimise their settlement…they may well be well armed and prosperous squatters under Midmark law.

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