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Drakesdoom: Faiths of Ancienia: Liviskism

In Kradrack-Liviski a 300 year accommodation between the nomadic Kradrack and the settled Cimric-Malkian-Slovoan Liviski peoples the Liviksi have developed their own Adrianist church.

Main God: The Creator

Secondary ‘Gods’: Adrian and the Prophets, the Animal Lords, the Elemental Lords, Saints and Icons

Type: Monothestic

Direction: Expansive, non-exclusive, open

Size: State religion of the Liviksi (but not the pagan Kradrack), small sects in other Slovoan lands.

Organisation: The Chief Matriarch is anointed by the Queen of the Liviksi, after consultation with the Matriarchs of the Liviksi ‘islands’, provinces which exist between the ‘sea’ of Kradrack roaming lands.  The Chief Matriarch appoints Matriarchs with the advice of the local Governor (usually a Liviksi noblewoman.) Matriarchs appoint graduates from their local Church schools as Priestesses (or occasionally Priests.)

Like Slovoan Adrianisim, of which Livikism is derived from monasticism is discouraged and a Priest’s duty is to his community not his own enlightenment. However as a state religion it does not embrace the anarchy of free thought  that it’s spiritual parent does.

Militarisim Military affairs are the duty of the state. General Church doctrine is that of a soldier as defender and protector who doesn’t start a fight.

In Drakesdoom there is at most  handful of followers of the Liviksi Church in the whole of the Midmark and they have no Priests or Priestesses to tend to their needs.


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