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Religion in Drakesdoom: Faiths of Ancienia: The Church of Paneskit

Since the split between Slovo and High Adrianisim the inland nation of Paneskit followed High Adrianisim, despite being cut off from the Mother Church by Slovo Adrianist nations. Paneskit was invaded by Ishamli invaders (a rival religion to Adrianism) around 300 years ago who converted most of the tribes. The die-hard Adrianists fled into the mountains of the Country and the surviving bishops elected their own Pontiff.

Main God: The Creator (Vessel, Voice, Spirit)

Secondary ‘Gods’: The Saints, Present ‘Pontiff’

Type: Monothestic

Direction: Expansive, Exclusive, open (if allowed to join by Pontiff)

Size: The inner Paneskit Tribes

Organisation: Each clan has a Priest, usually a hereditary position passed from celibate Priest to nephew or adopted son. Each Tribe has a hereditary Bishop on the same principal. The Bishops at the time of a Pontiff’s death through mediation and prayer find a new-born saint from the nations children who is raised by them to be the next Pontiff. Priests are the physical face of the Church, Bishops spend most of the time at the Pontiff’s Perch a fortress in the heart of the mountains.

Militarisim The Pontiffs have for the last hundred years maintained a doctrine of crusade. The World has a whole has fallen in sin, heresy and paganism.  The True Adrianist tribes of Paneskit are the rightful inheritors of the Earth and The Creators chosen people. They will erupt from their hills and conquer the world starting with the Ishamli tribes of Paneskit. As soon as they have stolen their neighbours cattle.

In Drakesdoom There may be a follower of the Church of Paneskit  in the Midmark. He is staying very quiet about it.


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