Drakesdoom: Adrianist Churches an overview

With Ancienian migrants making up a good 20% of the population of Drakesdoom here is an overview of Adrianism, the religion which dominates the continent and it’s emigrants.

Adrianism: The Core Belief

Adrianism is the belief in a single good revealed to humanity through the Creator (and his creation), the Vessel (Adrian) and the Voice.

Adrian was the last Malkian Emperor, Malkia being the archipelago that reigned supreme in earthly power, commerce and science some 6000 years before the current era. Malkia was ultimately defeated by hubris at home and sorcery by her enemies and the resulting cataclysm reduced the 12 islands of Malkia to a small rag tag fleet.

Adrian took charge of this fleet and guided to the lands of Ancienia, here his religion took hold amongst the poor and disposed. Despite persecution and repression it has now grown to the be majority faith of Ancienia.

Adrian rejected the ancient inward looking philosophical belief system of the Malkians. He claimed in the course of the cataclysm to be granted divine insight by the Creator to serve as the vessel for his message. The trying times and the force of Adrian’s personality meant his people seized on this message which wasn’t just for Malikian refugees but for all humanity.

At it’s heart Malkian promises an afterlife for observances of the Creators laws and contrition if one does not. It promises eternal torment for those who ignore its message and followers who fail to be contrite. Certain passages in ‘The Life of Adrian’ its principle scripture have been taken by some followers to support everything from force marriage to slavery and religious war to name three.

Over time it has split into a number of branches, each link below gives more information.

The Initial Schism

Two disciples of Adrian disagreed about he direction of the new religion:

The Holy Triangle of Adrianisim

The Holy Triangle of Adrianisim

Palus, the first pontiff established High Adrianisim in the west.

The Device of Slovo Adrianisim - represents the oneness of the Creator.

The Device of Slovo Adrianisim – represents the oneness of the Creator.

Peterine, went east and established the more anarchistic and adaptive Slovo Adrianisim.

Further Splits

Barbarian invasions in Eastern Ancienia and local custom in the far west led to three very different adaptations of Adrianisim.

In Liviski Adrianism became dominated by women as a consequence of the Liviski always having a Queen to marry the hetman of the Kradrack tribes they co-habit with.

In Paneskit it became and exclusive violent faith

The Freedom loving Crimyelan people mutated authoritarian High Adrianism to their own beliefs


Corruption in the High Adrianist Church has produced a theological backlash:

In the form of highly moral Dissentism

A Dissentist Rebel

A Dissentist Rebel

Some of which mutated into the feminist Freyorian church

State Churches

State authorities on the island of Duninaden and the Nushrushar Reich have taken advantage of Dissentist thought to seek independence from the Church (and pursue a middle path.)


In the Scandivar (Viking) lands and on the fringes of the Freyorian colonies in Discoverie Adrianism has blended with other belief systems:


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