Prodigal Empires: A potential wargames campaign

I’ve had a thought today when berating Star Wars junkies for playing (the actually rather good) fighter game.

In the past I’ve enjoyed a wargaming campaign using full thrust the excellent generic starship combat rules available here.

I’ve also enjoyed land combat using AK-47 republic in the same SF background

I’d love to combine the two.

There is a historic campaign I’m fascinated by which might be a good model to use. Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign featured a combination of a land and sea warfare as the General landed troops in Egypt defeating the Mamalukes and fighting the Ottoman Empire and British.

In a space context a invading fleet and be driving towards a particular planet which would then be the site of land battles like those which rocked the Eastern Med at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Within the context of Prodigal Empires I’m thinking the invading progressives might be the Christo-Communards

The British well they are naturally the Niptish

While a race of aliens (in honour my Klegg loving podcast partner maybe giant lizards) in the Ottoman role.


2 comments on “Prodigal Empires: A potential wargames campaign

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