The Second Age of Men: Thus spake Caracosa




With the Khansmen removed from the picture, after a thousand years of chaos, the ancient civilisations of the world proceeded with dominating their individual continents – Caracosa and Tawny dominating central and eastern Discoverie, the Lemurians Unversisara and the Amazon Empire Amazonia. The Malkians with the secret of high seas sailing dominated trade between these great Empires, They also through coastal trading posts and commercial influence controlled the Crimyelan Kingdoms of Ancienia.

Over the next millennium the island Republic of Malkia grew arrogant. Thinking they had perfected their arts and sciences they rejected sorcery as a weakness of the old Khansmen supporter monarchy. With cannon and muskets in the hands of their fleets and legions they were able to muscle the coastal fringes of the Great Empires.

When Caracosa decided to teach the islanders a lesson through a trade embargo the Malkians were having none of it. A fleet was assembled and sailed down the narrows into Lake Halit. The infernal powers of Caracosa were still drained centuries after they have destroyed the Khansmen armies and the city fell to rapine and the sword. The effect of magically ignorant warriors of the Republic raging through the City of the Yellow King was akin to a child lose in a laboratory – with numerous explosive experiments running.

Malkia lost the flower of its military that day. The planet Mud lost its towering flower of human esoteric achievement. Rapine and swords of men gave way to the twisted pleasures of demons and angels released from the torments of the witching classes of Caracosa. Having consumed City and Invader alike many escaped to their home planets or dimensions. Others escaped into mud to become Gods or Heroes. One, the great Drake Seljord made his home in the Caracosan reaches of the River Hailit (that the Caracosans knews as Demhe,) living their until killed by His Grace Margrave Klaus Fitzcarraldo killed him founding Drakesdoom and the Midmark two millennium later. The ordinary citizens fled to the deserts & mixing with renegade Khansmen became the Desert Raiders.

Surviving Caracosan sorcerers fled to Lemuria and their adapted the kingdom to be the perfect instrument for their revenge against Malkia. The tools of powder and shot were taken for the military, the twisted arts of the Serpent Men used to craft ‘Wardancers’ crack units of 64 warriors touched by chaos to be more and less than human and fleet built to rival that of the Malkians.

A twelve year war was waged. Lemurian sorcery and gold combined with Malkian arrogance meant other allied with the Lemurians. Naval victories by the Malkians meant Lemurian armies fought Malkians without resupply or support. The reduced Lemurian fleet took to commerce raiding tactics. As the tide turned Lemuria’s allies began to abandon her. Lemurian forces managed to land of Malkia’s home islands briefly but with no victory. The tide of the war turned to Malkia and the Lemurian homeland was invaded and occupied.

Malkia freed the slave like helots of Lemuria and sought the Witch-Kings who had attacked them. The occupation was a drain. The War had not been easy of Malkia and it’s Republican institution’s had been undermined and twisted by powerful men. Ultimately the Republic had won under the command on three successive triumvirates made of wealthy, powerful and ambitious men. Each one collapsed in murder and coup. The rewards of victory rendered Malkia a hotbed of resentment – veterans found the salves won in their battles where taking work off their families and the Senatorial class were growing richer.

As the final triumvirate simmered with resentment and ambition a returning Admiral came with a lost artifact – the ancient crown of Malkia lost since the fall of the Khansmen. One of his men with ancestral pretentions to Royalty rabble roused and led his followers to the Senate to Crown him. And Crown him they did.

Captains 'movie' poster

The Malkian story might be inspired by an earlier campaign

It was then that the final trap of the Witch-Kings was sprung. The fake Crown was a conduit to one of the Great Old Ones – the effect of such a Beast-God-Demon manifesting in the Republic was to drive the population to murder and cannibalism, sleeping volcanos to eruption and the seas to try and wash the stain away.


The effect was not just felt on Malika – the ructions were felt the planet over. Lemuria itself was consumed by volcanic fire and sea left as the bared surviving islands of Mu.

The Amazonian Empire fell. Tawny suffered attacks by the tribes that became the Starakand. In Ancienia the Crimyelan Kingdoms were overrun by barbarian gothican & slovoan tribes from the east.

The technology of powder & shot & ocean sailing was lost until very recently.


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