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The Aeon Owl

Of the many ships to call in at Drakesdoom the ‘Aeon Owl’ & it’s curious crew are amongst the most unique.

The ‘Owl is a piece of old Caracosan technology rebuilt by Doctor Compound, recently deceased mad scientist. it features an Aetheric engine which generates (explosive) lighter than air gas which enables it to float beneath a gas bag. The engine also enables the vessel to be propelled at impressive speeds across the skies. It can however only take at most half a dozen passengers or light cargo.

The engine is surprisingly light and on a pivot can be manoeuvred like an outboard engine to steer the craft. At least it can by the hulking ‘Snarl’ who captains the ship.


Snarl is a Worley, a race if large wild humanoids who live far to the north beyond The Black Alps & Alfheim. She can speak human tongues but choses not too preferring to be translated by a her crewman Naurice. She is a sly operator preferring to act the ignorant irrational beast to give her an advantage in negotiations. Her experience as a whaler and buccaneer hold her in good stead. Snarl is not her real name as she is wanted by several Worley tribes for sundry crimes.

Naurice is a D’elanie artisan who turned from coopering to the trade if a Sapper and subsequently travelled to Drakesdoom as a mercenary, finding work with Snarl. He has a quick ability with languages,a sour disposition lightened by schadenfreude and surprising strength in his rotund shirt frame. Naurice protects the Owl from aerial predators like Rocs by firing rockets from his ‘crow’s foot’ cupola which hangs a ‘safe’ distance below the ‘ship.

The Owl has other protection – giant eyes on the balloon scare of dim flying beasts and Caracosan runes painted in esoteric ink scare others who can see them with the higher arts.

For these sundry reasons the Owl charges premium fees to those in a hurry or risking to avoid ground entanglements. The wealth of its crew is banked with the Midmark treasury and such consideration means the Margrave does not trouble them.

If Naurice and Snarl are anything other than crew mates that is their own affair.


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