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Aleshouses of Drakesdoom: The Cracked Cauldron

This tavern is on the edge of West Wall on the corner of Poet Stroll and the Lane of A Thousand and One Delights in West Drakesdoom. Despite the occasional smells from the City Crematorium the ale house is popular.  It attracts students slumming it from the Palaces of Wisdom scholars from West Wall looking for patrons and sponsors as well as agents of the rich looking for magical help.

The pub is built with a steep pitched roofs, whattle and daube walls, tall mullioned windows, high chimneys and a jettied (overhanging) first floor above pillared porches with dormer windows supported by consoles. Awnings hang off the jettied first floor providing shade for further tables and benches outside.

The first floor not only contains the accommodation of the redoubtable alewife Freiza and her alchemist husband Franzetta but also consulting rooms that are made available for reasonable prices. Sundry sigils and wards on the tavern guarantee the privacy of those consultations against magical eavesdropping.

Food and Drink

The Consulting rooms can also host meals but for normal patrons on the Ground floor or patio only tapas style snacks are available.  Freiza brews ale in the basement which is highly regarded and wines are bought it from vineyards in the Eastern hills of the Midmark. Another unique service the Cracked Cauldron offers is ‘shots’ of potion which can be added to beer or wine for a special occasion having a short term magical effect concocted by Franzetta.

Yours Hosts

Franzetta is a tall man whole exercises regular giving him and lean and powerful appearance.  He has thick dark hair worn short but longer on top, grey green eyes and a handsome rugged face. He comes from the Black Alps from a people who rely on alchemy to protect them from their savage neighbours. He is quiet spoken preferring to leave the speaking to his wife.

Freiza is a thickset but lean woman with a round open face and a surprising power. She is an Einvolkist refugee from Freyoria and still wears the ‘modest’ Freyorian wimple with plain black clothing. She has a fearsome aspect has been known to break up fights in the pub with her backhand or a blunderbuss she keeps in her chambers.


The Claw is a patron who always appears to be in the pub never exchanging a word with anyone. He drinks red wine slowly raising the glass with one scaly clawed appendage to his face which remains hidden in the voluminous hood of his robe..  A student who once went to pull his hood down spontaneously combusted in a micro-second. He orders through tapping on his glass with a claw three times.

Nero the Necromancer used to ply his trade in the ‘Cauldron before being put on retainer to the mob. He is typical of the small level magic hoods who hang around the place.

The other category of regulars are the tight lipped, smart and watchful agents of the rich and infamous who tend to nurse drinks before contacting the appropriate magic user on behalf of their masters. Some of these men and women will exchange courtesies and small talk with their peers. Others keep themselves to themselves.

The typically obnoxious-arrogant-insecure student crowd breeze in and out of the Cracked Cauldron according to the whims of fashion.

Part-time want-to-be Alchemist Anton Davide also drinks there as does Dav Willis a Crimyelan apprentice stone mason not unlike David Willis. The Fish with No Name also hangs out here when he can’t avoid being in Drakesdoom.


One comment on “Aleshouses of Drakesdoom: The Cracked Cauldron

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