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Drakesdoom: The Herald and Cat

This is a basement drinking drink in the West Drakesdoom slum of Alleytown. Several tenements have had their basements knocked through to create the prime social space of the slum. At one end a low stage exists for the use of bards, jesters or skalds.  The other is the impressively fortified bar made out of dry stone walls and shields strapped to it. Behind it the bar staff wear limited pieces of armour for protection and have weapons ready for defence.  A serving hatch goes through to a kitchen were alleytown delicacies like rat on a stick or iguana burrito are prepared and served at the bar.

All this however is mainly for show. The Herald and Cat is under the protection of Pyat, one of the leading mob bosses on West Drakesdoom.

Ben an ambitious young lieutenant.

Food and Drink

Nobody drinks in the Herald and Cat for quality food and drink. The beer is awful, the gin will potentially induce blindness and the food worse. The last person to ask for a wine list was stamped to death by hoodlums who reckoned the whining was much good anyway.

Yours Hosts

Pyat trusts the running of the herald to an old gangland buddy ‘Boggle’ Goggins. A former madam this formidable 50 year old Ecotch woman runs the place with an iron first. Rather than bouncers she uses certain select regulars are trusted to handle security for a reduced bar bill.  ‘Boggle’ has a talent for recruiting up and coming  exciting entertainers which appear to what they collect from the corwd on the night. This stream of entertainment keeps Alleytowners coming to the Herald’ despite the poor quality fare made available. That and the fact Pyat trashes any rival establishment set up in Alleytown.


The owner Pyat tall, ginger and with a striking nose often holds court in their at the sole table in the joint reserved for his gang’s use his mean black and white cat at his shoulder and his Lorraland blue herald’s uniform in shreds. However if you anger someone in the Herald and Cat your chances of getting  home alive are low.

He accompanied by his sundry henchmen including but not limited to:

Ted the cloth cap and moustachioed ‘inventor’ who acts as contact with the scientific and sorcerers community and a consigliore

Selby a corrupt member of the Paladins Guard.

Ajay a hansom cab driver they have on retainer.

Florin Half-ear is not a member of Pyat’s crew but occasionally drinks here tracking down bad debts.


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