Drakesdoom: Breeds of Dragon

Dragons on the planet Mud are bio-engineered war beasts a legacy of the science & sorcery of the serpent-men and their children the elves & dwarves. They have come to a shock to Ancienian colonists as Dragons had been hunted to extinction their by Malkians and were believed mythical. The discovery of actual Dragons in Discoverie and Amazonia means alchemists and apothecaries are stating to use old recipes using dragon parts supporting a industry of hunters, dealers and shippers of Dragon organs.  They come in distinct types:

Great Dragons – These bespoke war beasts of the Serpent-men – giant monsters breathing fire or other noxious substances. Each unique – some genius intellect sorcerers others little more than beasts. Infertile genderless weapons of mass destruction many are dead casualties of the elven-dwarven wars or fallen to the Khansmen or later heroes. While they need vast quantities of meat to function at their highest level they are engineered to be able to sustain themselves with volcanic warmth or sunlight and can hibernate if need be for centuries. Some only survive as the jar-encased dragon-brains of the jade coast. Seljford the drake which destroyed Caracosa was such a beast. So to are leadership of the Dragonwealth, a human-Dragon empire in the Black Alps.

Lesser Dragons -These are mass produced steeds / war machines by serpent men with Dwarven tweaks. Not as clever as Great Dragons some breeds have pretentions of intellect via regressive genes. So their intelligence can range from human level to little more than a domestic cats. Females produce numerous eggs from many male sires. They come in numerous breeds which can be broken into two broad types:

Heavy-weights – six limbed with two wings and four legs sometimes with fire or other breath weapons. Too large and clumsy to hunt anything but the largest game (elephants, rhino, whales etc;) feral unintelligent examples are likely to attack human settlements. Relatively rare due to a combination of starvation or civilised counter-measures. Surviving intelligent ones will normally be allied to some other power to ensure a supply of meat.

Heavyweight Dragon

Heavyweight Dragon

Light-weights – two wings & two legs which tend to be less intelligent and were used as scouts and steeds. Their feral descendants predate on herds and flocks.

Finally there are Subterranean Dragons – elvish variants made by captured serpent men bio-engineers to destroy Dwarfs. They are all pretty dumb.

Wyvern – two front claws & wings – airmobile cave fighters. Males take eggs and scatter then around Dwarven halls by instinct. Born to crave Dwarven flesh their wings fold flat so they can wriggle into  tunnels hunting their favourite prey. They were particularly common in Wyvern County of New Duninaden hence the name but their numbers have been greatly depleted by hunters after dragon organs for the Ancienian alchemist market.



Wyrmms – wingless and armless with many attributes of eggs. Arguable if they are Dragons at all – savage and equipped with acute sense of smell & night vision. Packs form nests underground – ideally in ruins or crypts.

Basilisks – Wyrmms enchanted so as to be able to turn life to stone with their gaze. (This is a short term eleven curse – the beasts are used to block fighting tunnels with the enemy – they either starve or curse time expires & then they can feed)

Cockatrices – Wyverns enchanted so as to be able to turn life to stone with their gaze. As above.


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