The Dragonwealth

Deep in the central Black Alps far to the north of the northern shore of Lake Hali likes the Dragonwealth. It is a republic born of a peace signed between various human tribes and the draconian vassals of three warring Great Dragons Caliburn, Dartelph and Bretashphina.


The abiding rule of the Dragonwealth is ‘too each according to his need.’ All wealth is held in common and merely allocated to individual humans, dragons and other citizens in line with their needs as determined by the local Censor and his Provincial Council. Resources are allocated to the Provinces by a Central Committee presided over by two Consul.

All sentient beings in the Dragonwealth enjoy citizenship including recently conquered peoples. This includes the right to stand for committees, Consulship and Censorships. All elected positions are held for two years and one can only hold elected office for two out of every six years.

Every able bodied being in the state is a member of the state militia. Local Committees organise their forces inline with the Central Committees plans Bodies of human, dragon and other race troops are organised in line (younger and/or stronger beings), Reserve (middle aged) and 2nd Reserve (old) units called up as needed. The Line units include mixed airmobile forces of human spearmen, archers and magicians fighting from the backs of heavyweight dragons shielded by skirmishing lightweight dragons with human archers on their backs,

Anti-Dragon prejudice and aggressive neighbours has led the Dragonwealth to recently expand it’s borders. The resulting refugees tales of Dragonwealth infamy prompted further attacks by new frontline states and so the cycle continues. Currently the Dragonwealth can expand no further as its frugal mountain valleys can produce no more food for it’s population. However Dragonwealth Central Committee has noted the cattle lands of the MIdmarck could be captured and provide the necessary boost in food supply for the Dragonwealth to deal with it’s current hostile neighbours.

2 comments on “The Dragonwealth

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