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Send me your huddled masses


Drakesdoom is a new City and the Midmark virgin territory – how did the population get there and why did the travel all that way ?

From the North

Numerous refugees & exiles from the Black Alps sail south on the great log rafts of the Widnez or the ships of other coastal people. They tend it be fleeing the conquering Dragonwealth or the rampages of monsters (born from the Escapee.)

The expanding Scandivar colonies of Alfheim & Arastuheim are pushing populations of Elves, Picts and Orcs west and some arrive in Drakesdoom. Scandivar traders sailing down the narrows & along the coast of Lake Hali have also set up shop in the City.

From the East

Military pressure on Hesclek tribes and Einvolkists mean some travel west. However the majority of migrants from the east are economic ones.

Freyorian farmers have come on mass to till the rich soil of Drakesdoom intending to live by their own rules & ways. They organise their own wagon trains which travel on the ‘hard, just path.’

Other travellers from the East come on caravans arranged by the great haulage companies of Drakesdoom: Nideno, United & Pan-Discoverie. Ambitious nobles, traders and peasants come seeking opportunity from New Duninaden & Neo-Yesyanola – many coming straight off a ship from Ancienia & signing immediately onto the first wagon train available. They are joined by migrants from other Ancienian states.

The warring Faraway Kingdoms & Lorraland immigrants travel from their on Drakesdoom owned caravans from the Lorraland conquest of Freeport on the ‘long time trail.’

From the South

An ‘subterranean caravan’ for escaped slaves from Tawny provides a stream of migrants. Authorised Tawny trade barges travel up the River Halit and estabkish trading iutposts in Drakesdoom. The revolution in Starakand means from Royalist exiles have fled to the Midmark.

Re’chot traders skirt round Tawny hiring Desert Raider tribes to protectbringing exotic goods from further south & Amaznonia.

From the West

The great trading houses of the Jade Coast organise Silk Road caravans which carry surplus economic worker units who afford passage east. They also transit people from the Jade Empire. In the south at the mouth of the Re’chot canal is the great trading City State of Barylyndan who’s prosperity and enlightenment means only its traders visit Drakesdoom fleetingly,



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