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Mercenary Gazette: The Eagle Squadron

Before the Catholic Communards liberated all of Latin America there was a brief flowering of an Aztec fascist revival in the Mexico. Die hard Aztecs fled to the stars rather than endure left wing catholic rule. On the generations of travel at sub light across the stars their doctrine beliefs came more closely to mirror that of the actual Aztec Empire.

Settling on Epsilon Canaan IV the militarised & embittered Aztecs proceeded to defeat & the earlier human generation colonies in the star system – a Sinalese colony Vijaya & Malagasy state Rabearrivo. These states were made feudal fiefdoms of the Aztec Empire and their governments contained to pay tribute despite periodic rebellions and mutiny against the status quo.

The military consists of a conscript force of commoners organised into wards (battalions based on a geographical area.) Nobles were organised in Warrior societies : the Jaguar Society (armoured infantry in small mecha) and Eagle Society (space fighter pilots.) their neighbours in system had no space navy so the the Aztec space fighters & troops carried by freighter were sufficient for conquest.

Despite resistance the Aztecs enjoyed their rule. The periodic revolts enabled new generations of warriors to be blooded & fresh blood secured for temple sacrifices. That was until 5 years ago the Niptish Empire arrived ‘liberated’ Vijaya & Malagasy & folded Aztec core territory as a charter colony.

A small force of Aztec ‘Eagle’ space fighters & their ‘Jaguar’ & commoner security forces managed to escape the destruction of the Empire and go into exile. In a merciless universe they found work as ruthless & bloodthirsty mercenaries serving corporate & criminal customers.

order of battle
Eagle Society:
18 Youalahuan space strike fighters
Officers of the Aztec Imperial Ship Tenochtitlan

Jaguar Society:
4 Mictlantecuhtli mecha

Commoners (Exiles Ward):
Strike fighter ground crew
Mecha mechanics
Enlisted crew of the Aztec Imperial Ship Tenochtitlan

Teiuc Nahuati is commander of the Eagle Squadron. A 45 year old veteran who had been passed over for promotion unexpectedly found himself commander of the sole surviving Aztec military force. He has stepped up to the mark managing to bring the force through mercenary contracts intact & even reinforced by hick farm boys attracted to the mercenary life.

Teiuc burns with a desire for revenge against the Niptish. To that end he has been husbanding profits with a view to hiring further mercenaries to liberate the Empire. Given the strength of the Niptish this would require them being attacked by another great power to have a chance of success. Teiuc is patient but some younger warriors argue to find a weak colony – invade it & start over.

Both plans are undermined by the efforts of the Vijaya & Rabearrivo intelligence services to destroy the Squadron (supported by their Niptish allies.)

One comment on “Mercenary Gazette: The Eagle Squadron

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