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Liberty – American Superheroine

The Cheesecake Years

Came across these pictures of Raquel Welch and thought there is definitely a 1960s Superheroine in there. Details are sketchy but I’m thinking superpowered as a consequence of a government research programme (standard flight, strength and limited invulnerability.)

Willow and Rowan 098

With  a broad smile and a patriotic postage stamp as a costume Liberty originally used as a cheesecake ‘hearts and minds’ propaganda in the late 1960s but as the decade progressed and she become more assertive started to undertake more combat/espionage missions (hence the pistol packing picture.) Personally Liberty has gone on a political journey from Kennedy liberal through to a semi-retired Reagan supporter in the 1980s to a libertarian speaking out against foreign wars and government power in the modern day.

 Willow and Rowan 099

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