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A Monkey on my back

Okay I’ve not posted anything on her for a month. This is a consequence of a few things in real life but also a more general malaise. Much as I enjoy worldbuilding it’s feeling a bit empty with no actual gaming in the last 6 months. The sandboxes I create are essentially empty without a game so… In the New Year I’m going to get a Skype game going. I’m planning to keep it stripped down with no podcast or other encumbrances just concentrate on the gaming.

I’ve got three options:
Revisit the VBCW 1938 roleplaying ALFIES antics
Revisit Drakesdoom (see topic cloud.)
Or do something in the Prodigal Empire background (see topic cloud.)

Now to find some players! If your interested email me at dissectingworlds AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk.

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