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Thoughtbubble Decompression

Another year & another thoughtbubble, a great opportunity to meet up with what are now old friends & make new ones in the frigid concrete canyons of the Leeds Docks.

Naturally as I write this in the starkly lit confines of Leeds railway station whisps of paranoia dance around my mind but pushing them to one side how was the convention experience.

On a personal aside I thoroughly enjoyed myself but boy did I miss my babies. I cosplayed for the first time (as a scots UNIT member circa 1978,), saw Dr Who in good company, enjoyed the after party (especially the que) & had some lovely & indulgent food. The diet was cancelled for the weekend.

The convention continues to sprawl and innovative new spaces have been found with cafés, new frugal panel rooms & a hole new hall modelled on Clark Ashton Smith’s frozen realm of hyperborea – well it was baltic anyroad. Despite teething problems of these new spaces they were a very welcome addition to the con.

I attended three panels. The 2000ad one was the normal good value with Al Ewing in particular being on excellent form. The all ages comics panel had new relevance to me as a father & pointed me in the direction of stuff I’ve bought for my little monsters for far flung rainy days. The ‘lecture on communism’ of the diversity panel was far from a dry earnest breast beating affair but a compelling witty talk about real issues by passionate creators.

If I have niggles they are few & far between. The new spaces could have been more comfortable but at least we had them. The cue/space debacle at the after party was turned into a positive by the good spirits of the folks I cued with. The afterparty music equally was not up to previous years standards but a good boogie was still had. I even got home without an impromptu tour of South Leeds industrial estates.

But these are minor niggles. I have every confidence that the TB crew will learn from them & develop the con further because I have been going for 4 years & every year there are incremental improvements and great leaps forward.


(Maybe next year I’ll actually get a comic done for it…)



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