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Nueva Esperanza: Year 2 Turn 2 Phase 1 : The Invasion of Syk


This encounter battle took place in thick forest and bush with limited visibility. The invading Midgardians figuring this would enable their superior troops to overwhelm the superior firepower of the Syk defenders in close combat.



assembled Knights of Syk forces march to meet the invaders


The defending forces were considerable and outnumbered the attackers by at least 2 to 1. However the attackers seized two objectives early and two of their weaker units came on the table in the enemy rear as a flanking attack. The defenders on the other hand trudged through the bush but took secure defensive positions around the third objective. The Midgardians – recently short of battle – pushed on intending to overwhelm their militia opposition.



Midgard Troops debus


The first fly in the ointment was the truck mounted recoilless rifles of the Syk Yeomanry came on in the flank of Knut’s housecarls – together with the tanks of the Knights of Syk the superior firepower was able to destroy Midgard platoons and cause their fellows to fail morale.

Christmas 2014 038

Yeomen and Knights of Syk pile in Knut’s housecarls

While the Syk tanks turned to face the threat in the rear  Midgardians got a forced march result and slipped through a gap in the defenders lines with only one militia battalion to overwhelm and seize the third objective.


Christmas 2014 039

Erik’s housecarls having force marched make a dramatic attempt to charge through Syk levies and finish the game with a Midgard victory.

 This they did but only after a couple of turns vicious fighting by  the time they took the objective other Syk forces (including the tanks) where in a  position to obliterate the Midgard forces. The scattered survivors of the attacking forces then retreated from the battlefield leaving one of the few surviving minor powers of the Island of Nueva Esperanza to celebrate defending it’s independence.

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