The Crown Colony of Neo Yesyanola

Flag of the Kingdom of Yesyanola

Flag of the Kingdom of Yesyanola

Neo-Yesyanola is the jewel in the Imperial Crown of the Yesyan Empire. It was founded approximately 100 years ago by military adventurers who managed to conquer local Aparat Empire and the disorganised Hesclek, Khansmen and Desert Raider tribes which prayed upon them.

Flag of Neo-Yesyanolan

Flag of Neo-Yesyanolan

The Aparat where a curious mix of Hesclek, Khansmen and Desert Raider blood who had settled in the Dwarven ruins of the central highlands of the region. There perhaps corrupted by their limited understanding of Dwarven learning they fell into corrupt and decadent practices with a religion devoted to worship of limited memories of the serpent men. They were ill-equipped for the Yesyanolan invasion. The defeated Aparat are now a slave class working the landed estates and mining gold from the Dwarven cities for their new masters.

Yesyanolan Matchlockman

Yesyanolan Matchlockman

Much like the motherland the Colony is governed as an expression of the King’s will through his representative the Governor-General and the Empire-wide institutions of the Royal Army, the Royal Navy, the Noble & Holy Orders, the Royal Bureaucracy , the Inquisition and the High Adrianist Church. Each prop of the state supports the other though their representatives on the ground may have their rivalries and disagreements.

The Nobility has been granted vast estates worked by peons shipped over from the Mother Country in conditions little better than slavery. Actual slaves – convicts, conquered natives and prisoners of war are also used on the cotton plantations, mines, maize fields and ranches of the grandees. The nobility pay rents for their estates in specie to the Crown through it’s the Royal Discoverie Trading Company.

These taxes and looted gold from the Dwarven ruins are shipped to Yesyanola to fund it’s wars in Ancienia in great treasure fleets. These fleets are descended upon by Lorraland pirates who lacking the cannon of the Yesyanolans stalk their fleets and attack them at night. In Ancienia the Yesyanolan Crown considers cutting off this irritant at its source with an invasion of Lorraland.

The northern frontier of Neo-Yesyanola is penetrated by Desert Raider and Khansmen raiding parties. The peasants of the country are kept unarmed and easy prey but the henchmen of the great estates launch retaliatory raids as do the Resguardos.

On paper the Resguardo are regiments of carabineers. The units in the Capital Nueva Esperanza are equipped as standard Yesyanolan light calvary – buff leather jackets, high boots, morion helmets , carbines and sabres. On the frontier however they have a more barbaric and less uniform appearance. Frequently barechested or in simple ponchos or robes like their barbarian opponents with wide brimmed peasant hats and they tend to wear Khansmen moccasins and chaps. Practical long knives and hatchets are preferred to the issued sabres. Even the issue carbine is replaced by a captured compound bow or privately purchased musket. Not born to the saddle like their opponents the Resguardo attempt to anticipate the raids of the attackers and ambush them or alternatively raid the family camps of the savages to push their raiding range back through savage reprisals.

Captured barbarians become slaves for the gold mines and estates. Captured Neo-Yesyanolans become traded to Tawny or even to Drakesdoom.

More regular units of the Yesyanolan Army are found in the interior and on the southern borders with Starakand and the Faraway Kingdoms as well as the northern border with Freyoria.

2 comments on “The Crown Colony of Neo Yesyanola

  1. […] current prime employment for these privateers is raiding the merchant shipping of Neo-Yesyanola and Freyoria. While the Ancienian sailors have cannon the Lorralanders are far superior sailors. […]

  2. […] Flag of Neo-Yesyanola represents the gold of the colony and the sea that much be crossed. it is flown by Neo-Yesyanolan […]

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