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The Kingdom of Yesyan III: The Royal Army

Yesyan Pike

Yesyan Pike

Born of an RPG game I ran aged 15 and inspired by my late friend Jon’s character Ramierz… this is the Kingdom of Yesyan or Yesyanola (Land of the Yesyans.) A peninsula on the south-west order of Ancienia jutting into the Malkian Ocean it is at the forefront of Ancienian exploration and colonisation of Discoverie and beyond


The Royal Army

In the Regular Army is organised in brigades of three Tercios (‘thirds’) (if foot) or two Regiments (if cavalry).  A Colonel-General (the senior colonel of the Brigade) commands the brigade. Each Tercio or Regiment is commanded by a Colonel .

A Tercio is 1500 – one third pikemen, one third swordsmen and one third musketeers. Within the tercio, ranks of pikemen are arrayed together into a hollow s pike square (cuadro) with swordsmen -typically equipped with a short sword, a buckler on the inside. The musketeers were usually split up in several mobile groups called sleeves (mangas) and deployed relative to the cuadro, typically with one manga at each corner.

Thus die the enemies of Juan II

Thus die the enemies of Juan II

By virtue of this combined-arms approach, the formation simultaneously enjoys the staying power of its pike-armed infantry, the ranged firepower of its musketeers, as well as the ability to conduct assaults with sword-and-buckler men. In addition to its inherent ability to repulse cavalry and other units along its front, the long-range firepower of its muskets can be easily reorganized to the flanks, making it versatile in both offensive and defensive evolutions.

A Regiment is 4 Squadrons of 150 mounted men each.

In the colonies individual Tercios and regiments are the smallest unit.

Artillery is organised in batteries of 12 cannon/

Colonial Army

The Colonial Army wear brown uniforms, leather equipment and plain unadorned armour and weapons. After years in the colonies their dress is often tattered and supplemented by local civilian and native items.


  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Regiments of The Resguardo (usually one on capital duty)
  • 1st Tercio (Colonel Machete’s) Colonial Marines
  • 2nd Tercio (Colonel Vasquez’s) Colonial Marines
  • 3rd Tercio (Colonel Heinlein’s) Colonel Marines (Gothican mercenaries)
  • Governor-Generals Foot Guard Tercio
  • Colonel Sanchez’s Foot Tercio
  • The Foreign Tercio  (mixed mercenaries)
  • Governor-General’s Artillery (1 battery)

Island Colonies

  • 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Tercios of Colonial Marines
  • Island Artillery Battery (spread thin)

Regular Army

The Regular Army wear black uniforms with collars in colours specific to the brigade and cuffs in colours specific to the Tercio or Regiment. Equipment is black leather. Weapons and armour is steel with engravings specific to the unit.


  • Royal Foot Guard Brigade (Palace Guard, City Guard and City Wall Tericos)
  • Costa Norsta Brigade (Gisgardian (mercenaries), Tir Na Ogen (mercenaries) & Blessed Crusaders Tercios (Gothican mercenaries)
  • Costa Osta Brigade (Count Dvaralari’s,  Francisco Benidorm’s & Home Marine Tercios (training cadre for the Colonial Marines)
  • Selentine Mountain Brigade (1ST,2ND and 3RD Border Guard Tercios)
  • Crown Prince’s Brigade (Mandrinia , San Dorado& The Prince’s Foot Tercios)
  • Centrale Birgade (The Venerable, San Orlando and Colonel Paulo’s Grenadier Tercios (experimental unit.)
  • Pairia Sotha Brigade (Duke Contastoro’s, Los Discoveries and the Adagrais Tercios)
  • Costa Sotha Brigade (Prince Hermanz , Al Cheta & Sarac Tercios (named after battle honour)
  • Costa Esta Brigade (Estan Veterans, Elvira & Colonel Cortez  Tercios)
  • Coasta Gulf a Yesyan Brigade (Neo-Malkian (Mercenary), Pantera & Colonel Phillipa Demozas Tercios)


  • The Household Cavalry Brigade (King ‘s and Queen’s Curriasseur Regiments)
  • King’s Horse Brigade (Royal Carabineers & Selentine Mountain Horse)
  • Queen’s Horse Brigade  (Royal Dragoons & Mandrina Carabineers)


  • Royal Cannonade
  • Crown Prince’s Bombards
  • The Saved Heathen Battery (Ishmali and other converts)
  • Sir Xavrios d ‘Hoze’s Battery
  • High Sierra Battery
  • The Royal Mountain Battery

Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard wear white uniforms collars coloured for the Brigade and cuffs coloured for the Regiment or Tercio. Equipment is black leather. Armour and weapons are polished to a mirror shine and engraved with unit dedications.

  • Imperial Dragoons Brigade (1st & 2nd Regiments)
  • Imperial Sentinels Brigade (1st, 2nd and 3rd Tercios)
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Brigade (1st, 2nd and 3rd Tercios)
  • Imperial Infantry Brigade (1st, 2nd and 3rd Tercios)
  • Imperial Marine Brigade (1st, 2nd and 3rd Tercios)

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