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The Kingdom of Yesyan II: The Military – an overview

Yesyanolan Matchlockman

Yesyanolan Matchlockman

Born of an RPG game I ran aged 15 and inspired by my late friend Jon’s character Ramierz… this is the Kingdom of Yesyan or Yesyanola (Land of the Yesyans.) A peninsula on the south-west order of Ancienia jutting into the Malkian Ocean it is at the forefront of Ancienian exploration and colonisation of Discoverie and beyond

The Yesyan military is made up of three arms

  • A professional Royal Army (including mercenary regiments which are foreign troops under Yesyan officers.)
  • A press-ganged Royal Navy
  • Volunteers in The Noble (& Holy) Orders

The Royal Army is divided into three commands, each under a Colonel-General responsible to the King:

  • The Colonial Army (including Marines and Resguardo) based in Discoverie
  • The Regular Army (based in Ancienia)
  • The Imperial Guard (shock troops of the King)

The Royal Navy is similarly divided into

  • The Treasure Fleet (based in Discoverie waters)
  • The Home Fleet (based in Ancienia waters)
  • The Imperial Armada (a naval strike force)

The Noble orders are bands of young knights dedicated and equipped by members of the Royal Household who fight when Yesyan is threatened by great external or internal threats. They are fanatically devoted to the Royal Family and the Church. The Holy Orders are as described in the High Adrianist article, all have a presence in Yesyan.

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