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Kingdom of Yesyan IV: The Royal Navy

Born of an RPG game I ran aged 15 and inspired by my late friend Jon’s character Ramierz… this is the Kingdom of Yesyan or Yesyanola (Land of the Yesyans.) A peninsula on the south-west order of Ancienia jutting into the Malkian Ocean it is at the forefront of Ancienian exploration and colonisation of Discoverie and beyond

For the  Glory of Juan II

For the Glory of Juan II

The Navy relies on pressganged sailors. The quality of ships is inferior to their Nentian rivals but far superior to any other nation. Their seamanship is superior to most nations except  the Nentians, Lorraland and Scandivar.

The Fleets

The Treasure Fleet – This patrols Colonial waters, its main mission is protecting the armed merchantmen who take gold and produce from Neo-Yesyanola and the island colonies to the homeland.  Its sailors are recruited from press-gangs and prisons, morale is a constant problem and their officers wear brown uniforms.

The Home Fleet – This is the main workhorse of the Navy. It is crewed by sailors recruited from the merchant navy and supplemented by press-gangs. They are commanded by black clad officers.

The Imperial Armada – This is a dedicated strike force manned and commanded by choice sailors taken from the Home and Treasure Fleets. It is used to transport the Imperial Guard to overseas and to deliver the knockout blow to opposing navies. The officers and men wear white uniforms. Armada Barca and Barinels are often used to transport Imperial Guard contingents from larger ships to shore.

Ship Types

On patrol for Lorraland Pirates

On patrol for Lorraland Pirates

Barca – light ships with a single fore and aft sail and small crew of a dozen or so. Used as messengers, scouts, exploration and to navigate rivers. They carry 1 or 2 cannon as bow or stern chasers.

Barinel – two large masts with 10 cannon broadsides these ships are used to reinforce Barca or cover Caravels.

Caravels – heavy vessels with 20-30 cannon broadsides, aft and forecastles with silos of swivel guns . They have 4 square sailed masts and plentiful fore and aft rigs. The workhorse of the Navy.

Galleons – 40, 50 or 60 cannon broadsides are carried by these heavy ships with masses of sails supplemented by a bank or oars or two. They carry 50-100 troops in addition to sailors with room for more. These slow, clumsy ‘floating castles’ are only used in Ancienia.


Battling Ishmali ships

Battling Ishmali ships

An Admiral commands a division formally based in a naval port which hosts a number of Squadrons made up of flotillas of 6 barcas/barinels or 3 larger ships.   Rear-Admirals command Squadrons and Commodores command flotillas. For massive operations an ‘Admiral of the Fleet’ shall be appointed over a number of divisions.

The Treasure Fleet   – 10 Barca Flotillas, 10 Barinel Flotillas, 10 Caravel Flotillas

Home Fleet Flotillas – 36 Barca, 26 Barinel, 28 Caravel and 20 Galleons

Imperial Armada Flotillas – 20 Barca ‘Sea Lancers’, 20 Barinel ‘Squires of the Sea’, 20 Caravel ‘Knights of the Sea’ and 30 Galleons  ‘Crusaders of the Sea’

Principal Naval Ports

Yesyanola – Caneregnarios, Semeltza, Donranda (North Coast), Sanquez and Hampazo (West Coast) Delesaria and Quiangdo (South Coast), Delguentiatta, Ororozos and Menderiaz (East Coast)

Neo-Yesyanola – Elequenfia and Quandezeria

Island Colonies – Fleguerio and Rofeferias

Pontiff Estates (allied nation) – Squentia


Another enemy for the deep!

Another enemy for the deep!


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