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Kingdom of Yesyan V: The Noble (& Holy) Orders

The Royal Army is supplemented by the Noble and Holy Orders.

The Noble orders are a combination of motorcycle gang, territorial army unit and gentleman’s club.

Noble Order Cavallero (Knight)

Noble Order Cavallero (Knight)

There are six noble orders and they have chapters across the country:

  • The Crown Prince Companions: This only recruits from the oldest and noblest families in the country with a few select chapters.
  • Royal Guardians of the Princesses: another old and scarce order.
  • The Kings Friends – a new and egalitarian order spread far and wide and recruiting from the middle classes.
  • The Blades of the Civic Scribes – an order which recruits mainly from the Royal Bureaucracy.
  • The Eager Converts – popular in the south of the country this order was formed by Ismalis who converted in the Reconquista to show their loyalty to the King. Now open to everyone.

Active Members are responsible to serve the King at home against enemies foreign and domestic when called upon by the local Army commander. They have to provide their own equipment and mounts and fight formed into units formed by their chapters. They do not have to fight abroad but some will do.  Noble orders tend to be undisciplined and unpredictable on the battlefield. Young members tend to be a rowdy threat to the King’s peace – feuding with rival orders and Army garrisons.

Anyone can join a Noble order if their application is supported by two existing members, accepted on a majority vote of the local chapter and not vetoed by the local Royal Governor. As well as unpaid military service members get to:

  • use the local chapterhouse as a members club,
  • get access to a widows and orphans fund to secure their family should they die on order business
  • a useful network of contacts
  • In the event of legal troubles they can be tried in the Nobles Court.

In addition the heavily armed Paladins of the High Adrianist Church are also active in the country. Primarily the Papal Sword but the Order of the Conquering Faith and Knights of the True Faith are also active. The alliance between Yesyan and the Pontiff means they basically serve the state – againist internal enemies and Ishmali states.

Holy Order Knight

Holy Order Knight

On marriage, the birth of their first child or inheriting an estate a member can become auxiliaries who do not serve in military campaigns but still get to use order facilities, serve in administrative positions and get all the benefits of membership.


One comment on “Kingdom of Yesyan V: The Noble (& Holy) Orders

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