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Nueva Esperanza: Year 2 Turn 2 Phase 2 : The Liberation of San Maria

A mighty Maoist combined arms force of 2 tank battalions, a Red Guard APC infantry battalion & supporting AA platoon invaded the forest Kingdom of San Maria. Facing them were the San Maria Defence Force – 4 meagre companies of truckborne infantry – the Cardinals Guard, Royal Rifles, Foreign Legion and Crown Prince’s Own.

Initially the Maoists cautiously poked around various forests & hills on the plain of glass fearful of ambush. The Crown Prince’s Own sheltered in an armoured canton.


The situation livened up with the Foreign Legion arriving in the rear of the Maoist advance speeding trucks into a glen, de-busing and attacking a Maoist tank battalion knocking out a platoon. They proceeded to take out a AA unit before succumbing to red firepower. The 2nd Red tank battalion fled and contributed to the shooting but both surviving Tank platoons vehicles suffered mechanical break down in the process and could manoeuvre no more in the battle.


On the left you can see th 2nd Tank Battalion being attacked by the Foreign Legion,

As the remaining mobile Reds took control of the central pathway through the forest they triggered an ambush by the Cardinal’s Guard who shot up the Red Guards Armoured Infantry Battalion, following it up with a close assault on the Red’s APCs. The Cardinal’s men were reinforced by the Royal Rifles who in vicious hand to hand fighting inflicted heavy casualties on the Red Guards infantry routing them.

The 1st Guards Tank Battalion attempted to flank the central defensive position and take the armoured compound but retreated under fire from the Crown Princes own so pulled back. Ultimately The tattered remnants of San Maria forces could not withstand the redeployed 1st Red Guards tank battalion who rolled over them and then destroyed Crown Princes Own forces which tried to wrestle back an objective in the closing stages of the battle.


Bloody Ridge

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