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Kingdom of Yesyan VII: Technology and Economy


The land in much of Yesyan is poor, but the Royal Exchequer is fighting this through a strategy of irrigations works to pour life into the dry soil. The Barquot region in the North-West is fertile receiving rains from the ocean and cattle is reared there for noblemen’s tables and the spectacle of the Royal Bullfights.

A noble couple

A noble couple

In the remainder of the country potatoes are replacing the paltry wheat crop while other staples like olive oil remain. Other crops introduced from Discoverie like tomatos are catching on in the orchards of the west coast which also produces most of the countries wine which is traditionally distilled and fortified. Outside of the ‘wet west’ fruit is expensive. Much yesyan food is imported from neighbouring countries Gisgard and Duval with Gisgardian wine being a particular favourite. Peasants make do with Unquos a drink of fermented wheat chaff which is slowly being replaced by moonshine brewed from potatoes.

A Royal Palace

A Royal Palace

What it lacks in it’s own resources Yesyan makes up with those of its Empire. The silver looted from the Dwarven ruins of Neo-Yesyanola fuels the economy. Slaves in the colonies produce cotton and tobacco that a Royal monopoly sells at home and abroad. The government spends these ill-gotten gains

  • fuelling an arms industry to support the Army and Navy.
  • Aqueducts and irrigation works
  • Roads, docks and other infrastructure.
  • Public spaces and impressive monuments to Yesyanolan greatness
  • The Royal Academy – a palace of learning whose graduates must give 5 years’ service to the Royal Bureaucracy upon graduation.

Yesyan is the most technologically advanced nation is Ancienia. The reconquest of the country from Ishmali meant that ancient Malkian texts were recovered. This gave the Yesyan’s advanced folding steel techniques, excellent ship-building knowledge and excellent recipes for gunpowder. These skills are further enhanced as Yesyanolan scholars decipher Dwarven texts being uncovered in Neo-Yesyanola. The nation has the best gunsmiths, shipwrights, architects and engineers. All this knowledge is nutured by the Royal Academy and jealously guarded by the Royal Inquisition.

The Royal Academy

The Royal Academy

The country’s mountains contain ample resources of iron, copper and tin ores. Elsewhere flint and sandstone are quarried and in Barquot the famous clay is quarried


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