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Nueva Esperanza: The 9th Battle of Nova Roma

New Field Operations Executive for Valkyrie Assets Acquisitions Inc Jackie Kenton looked at the monitors.

“Containment Units are A-Ok to advance on Target A”

The four Combat Robot platoons advanced on the edge of Nova Roma.

Valkyrie forces approach a settlement

Valkyrie forces approach a settlement

Two platoons  disappeared off the monitor. Then telemetry contact with the remainder was fragmented. Then the sound of battle pierced the Command AFV – heavy stuff – recoilless rifles, RPGs, HMGs

“Mecha – target that enemy fire.”


An Ambush is sprung!

An Ambush is sprung!


overwhelming Maoist forces open up


First Blood!

First Blood!

The Command vehicle rocked violently as salvos of mortars fell about it.

” Mecha come in. Mecha come in!”

Kenton popped a hatch and looked out. To her left a blazing statue  of scrap that has been a several million Rand battlemech moments before. A sudden rush of heat from her right and she turned to see her other mecha slumped to it’s knees – a flaming weapons mount and it’s right leg blown away below the knee.

And still the mortars fell.

Both mecha are casualties

Both mecha are casualties

Seinfeld , the Junior Executive commanding her flesh-infantry forces cam e over  the radio.

“Game over man, Game over!”

Having lost over 50% of her forces and all the firepower worth mentioning in a matter of moments she was forced to agree.

The Maoists held the Roman capital.


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