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Nueva Esperanza: The Roman Revolution

With the announcement that Maoist forces have held on to Nova Roman a tidal wave of munity and rebellion has washed through the remaining surviving Roman units.


In Baetica Inferior The Magister Palantium and his staff were butchered by a rabble of junior officers and centurions. A ‘Soviet of Officers and Men’ has replaced him in command of the Workers Cohort (former Urbanes) Proletarians Guard (former Schalae Palatinae) and Peasants Guard (9th Limitanei.) They pledge ‘to serve the proletariat of Romania hand in hand with our revolutionary comrades from other lands.’

In Leptis Magna the ragged survivors of multiple battles for Nova Roma revolted against their officers. Centurions and above were executed by Revolutionary Courts and the People’s Legion has also declared support to the Maoist liberators.

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