Drakesdoom: The Fallible Forum

While Drakesdoom doesn’t have a formal organised university it has a scholarly quarter – the houses of wisdom  has a pub – the Buzzard & Baby. A normal drinkery downstairs but it has meeting rooms above. These meeting rooms entertain on a monthly society – the Fallible Forum This is a rowdy group of savants, sages, sorcerers & philosophers who meet to announce experiments, theories & adventures. And drink, smoke & eat. They’re called the fallible forum as they activity try & prove errors in each other’s theories etc; They annually elect a chair, treasurer & secretary. They also have an annual awards ceremony. The result if these debates-lectures-drinking parties are drunken bets or proposed expeditions.

The adventuring community (or your characters at least) have caught on to this and hang around the pub until the eggheads come spilling out the meeting rooms looking for some rogues to prove (for example) the hidden golden frog in the temple of aligant really is made of god spittle or (another example) capture an owl bear so a naturalist can prove they can live off a vegetarian diet. What do ya think ?


3 comments on “Drakesdoom: The Fallible Forum

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