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RPG Drakesdoom 2-1 The Buzzard and Baby

I’m finally roleplaying again!

Admittedly technological snarfus meant it was a short brief session which acted effectively as set-up.

Engineering minded farm boy Aran and cowpoke in the big city Garth are both associates of a Professor Brachian. The short wiry swarthy Professor has academic pursuits but he is also a fixer putting his fellow academics in touch with muscle for various projects. He invited the adventurers to drink on the ground floor of the Buzzard and Baby has he had an inkling that the meeting of the Fallible Forum that night would generate adventures.

The agrarian pairing got acquainted over a few ales. Eventually Aran decides to eavesdrop on the society meeting but sneaking up the stairs is challenged by some other adventures who take offence at this as it’s breaking the rules. The bravos – a baldy buck-toothed type with a  kukri and Neanderthal browed fellow with a punch dagger threaten Aran but Garth comes to his new found friends aid and they back off. Resentful and muttering.

The ‘Forum meeting ends in ineffective academic fisticuffs as a debate on the historicity of the Necronomicon turns nasty, however this has nothing to do with the job Brachian has for the boys. Any earlier dispute between Doctor Raptor and Doctor Helium needs their help,

Raptor believes the giant Rocs which hunt in the area manage to fly because of very strong very light bones featuring a honeycomb structure. Helium thinks Rocs are distantly related to Dragons and have lift glands the only way to do this is via dissecting a Roc.

A full grown Roc is the size of a castle. However Old One Wing a wounded immature avian – incapable of flight and merely with size of three elephants is more feasible. The Academics are paying the farmboys to put together a team and local ranchers are offering prize money for whoever dispatches the predatory giant.


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