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Kingdom of Yesyan VII: Ethnic Mix

Yesyanola was an ancient colony of Malikia and before that the Khansmen when the world was young. It was also settled by the proto-Crimyelan peoples of Ancienia. The North Eastern portion of the Peninsular was settled by the Barca whose language bears no relation to that of other Ancienian language and keep their own secrets. As such they are subject to the recurring attention from the Inquistion .

After the collapse of the Malikian Empire the area was briefly settled by barbarian gothic tribes who in turn were expelled by Ishmalis. The Ishmalis are a pagan peoples traditionally settled in warring city states in the peninsular of the Univenisara continent which juts like a dagger towards Yesyanola. For a few hundred years after the fall of the Mailikan Empire they were united and established colonies in southern Ancienia before falling into disarray and being expelled by the reconquistia organised by the noble house which became the Kings of Yesyanola.





Yesyanola environs

Yesyanola environs

The result of this inheritance is that Yesyanolan’s tend to have aquiline features with sallow or tanned complexion. They are on average slightly smaller than the Ancienian average and slightly slenderer.

94% of the Kingdom are Yesyanolan’s with 3% Barca and 3% converted Ishmalis. The remainder of the population are from elsewhere in Ancienia being traders, seamen and mercenaries etc;


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