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Drakesdoom : The Border zonel

In the southern reaches of the River Halit Midmark meets the ancient and staid Empire of the Tawny.  While ploboth parties benefit from trade there is an undeniable tension in  air. Escaping slaves, local desert raiders, down on their luck settlers, down on their luck adventurers and renegade he clustered around oases and small  holdings in the border area their trade is rearing rangy goat herds and banditry on each other, caravans and barges in the region. Both governments are committed to crushing these Dacoits but equally both see them as potential auxiliaries in the event of war between the two powers.

However both governments attempt to manage the chaos the Dacoits generate. The Nomarch (Governor) on the Tawny side and the Margrave have appointed two Constables each on their respective side of the border. These officers meet to decide complaints across the border and their various duties included the maintenance of patrols, watches and garrisons to deter raiding from the other kingdom to. On occasions Constables undertake Constable Campaigns (raids)  to recover loot, and to make a point to raiders and officials. A special (if imperfect) law code enabling fast pursuits has evolved.

The current Constables on the Midmark side are

  • West bank Vizconde de Frejizia, Sebastian Fernando La Cueva a Yesyanolan noble who escaped  the Inquisition investigating his interest in alchemy and dissentist thought. A veteran soldier he petitioned the Margrave for the role.
  • East Bank Sophia Kwaltu, a Widnez noblewoman who has impressed the Margrave with her hard bargaining and diligence.

steelbonnetsThis element of the Drakesdoom background was inspired by my recent reading of George MacDonald Fraser’s excellent history of the Anglo-Scottish border reivers ‘The Steel Bonnets.’


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