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Yesyan’s Colonies in Ancienia

 In addition to Neo-Yesyanola and other Discoverie colonies Yesyanola has three colonies in the Inner Sea – important bases for it’s battles with the Nentian Republic for dominance of the Inner Sea and Neo-Malikian Empire trade.


A mountainous small island in the north of the Inner Sea whose harbours enable the Yesyanola Navy to dominate that region and control trade to Gisgard.

The Governor of Corca, General Narangerangaz is a veteran of the Nentian War and has also as a young man seen service in Northern Discoverie against Khansmen and

Hesclek</blockquote natives. Old ‘One Eye’ as his troops call him has pursued a policy of violent suppression of the native Corcan culture and a slash and burn policy against Nentian sponsored guerrillas. Yesyans have been shipped in to run the local bureaucracy, and Yesyan peons are being given land as freemen confiscated from locals.

The Governor commands a Colonial Guard Terico and a Company of Colonial Cannon is based at the Governor’s seat, Castilla Roca Negre (Castle Black Rock) which dominates the capital Hecrazza from it’s pinnacle of volcanic rocks. Imperial Guard, Royal Army and Navy units pass through frequently and are often blooded aiding the garrison against the insurgents.  The Inquisition is also very active against the insurgents.


An archipelago in the Inner Sea which is the main supply base for Yesyanolan efforts against the Nentians. The Archipelago is secure, Yesyan immigrants outnumber the native 5 to 1 and the natives are loyal subjects of His Majesty. Only four companies of Colonial Musketeers are needed to garrison the island. In case of serious disorder naval personnel from ships in the Port Eltora would be enlisted to help the local forces.

Governor Don Schanaz, Count of Delvera is an accomplished musician and impresario, his posting was a favour to his father Field Marshal Hormazt (Colonial Guard) by the Minister of Colonial Affairs as part of the some Court Intrigue. The Governor trusts able subordinates to administer the islands and keeps himself with other projects.  He has formed a Eltora Orchestra of great Old World Musicians and the Schanaz-Gulfan Island School of Music in which orchestra members pass on their skills to new students from all over Ancienia. Many nobles call on Eltora to see the famous musical accomplishments of the town bringing much needed revenue to the area.


This is a large island which has been subject to Ishamli and Neo-Malkian colonisation and most recently been ran by Elaine renegade nobles. Yesyan conquest droves the Elaine to the mountains and the peasant rebels followed after them.

Govenror Cangeriecaro_Faquelaloz is a dull and dreary bureaucrat. He doesn’t stop the military in recruiting volunteers for the regular army’s Sarac Terico and uses his own force of Constables to collect taxes and maintain order. The Governor uses Elaine officials in native areas and native ones in Elaine areas exploiting local hatreds. The Port of Duco is a poor place with Navy troopships being loaded with supplies for their final push to fight the Nentians on the mainland.  


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