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Drakesdoom: The Kingdom of Gisgard



Yesyanola environs

Yesyanola environs

Located to the immediate North East of Yesyanola and with a Malkian Sea coast Gisgard has a mountainous border with the Yesyanolans a fertile coastal plain region. To the North the Kingdom of D’Elan is in decline.


Leadership and Politics

Queen Margeretta inherited an efficient system of government from her father Juan the Third. Her appointed Attendants govern their provinces according her orders with little interference from provincial nobles whose private armies and fortresses are severely restricted.  In addition to Inquisitors of the High Adrianist Church, the Royal Inquisition (backed by the Royal Guard) area powerful presence in the land. They can arrest anyone on the orders of the Queen (or her Inquisitor-General.)

While no nobles enjoy taking orders from a woman such is the Queen’s grip on power , favour with the Church and strength of character that most of them follow her loyally. With the Wane of D’Elan Yesyan influence is strong in the country but the Queen is prepared to accept this. She feels that the opportunities of D’Elan’s collapse are wanting to be seized and Yesyan support will be needed. The Queens  relationship with the Duval Principality to the West is shaky as the misogynistic Duke is firmly in the Nentian camp.



The Nobility may raise forces of knights (like D’Elan Cuirassiers) and Halberdiers to protect their estates but these must pledge an oath of allegiance to the Monarch and may not assemble outside their Lord’s fortresses without the local Attendant or Monarch’s position.

The national army called the Royal Guard and is formed as follows:

Garrison Troops – manning Royal Forts and blockhouses with 20 Battalions of troops (5 companies of 80 men 20% muskets, 80% halberdiers)  and 20 Companies of Artillery (100 men and 20 guns.)

Field Guard –

Household Cavalry  (Knights) Regiments (3 Battalions)

4 Regiments Old Horse Guards ‘the arm of attack’ (Lances, Pistols, Half-plate)

4 Regiments Young Horse Guards ‘the arm of pursuit’  (swords, carbines, leathers)

2 Regiments Royal Dragoons ‘arm of advance’ (swords, muskets, leathers – mounted infantry)

12 Regiments of the Foot Guard (80% Pike and 20% muskets)

6 Companies Field Artillery

4 Battalions Pioneers (Axes, Pistols)


Ethnic Mix

20% Elaine (mainly middle class/lower nobility) 70% Gisgardian (Yesyanolan-Elaine mix), 1% Yesyan, 2% Selenti and 1% Duvalier.

Economy and Technology

The economy is quite prosperous, Gisgard’s vineyards produce fine wines, her  fields plenty of corn with Attendants charged with maintaining irrigation and water storage. A little iron is minded from the massife central.

The economy does however face some challenges with cheap Yesyan manufactures taking trade from Gisgard artisans and they are dissatisfied with the lack of protection they have received from the Monarchy.

Technology is renaissance level and the Gisgard University of Orlen is renown for it’s mastery of the physical sciences. Gunpowder is available but expensive compared with the ‘explorer nations.’ Attendants are charged with preventing it’s export.

Class Controls and Judiciary

The nobility are entrenched, the Merchants prosperous , artisans dissatisfied and peasants settled.  While social classes are settled individuals can rise or fall rapidly depending on the Queen’s favour. Hence brown-nosing is the order of the day even from the most haughty noble and a commoner can go far if he has an opportunity and keeps his wits about him.

Law and Order is the responsibility of the Attendants who appoint Magistrates to try the rich and arrange trials of ordeal for the peasants. Victims or their families are charged with arrested malefactors but in cities the Royal Guard do patrol.  The Royal Inquisition is solely concerned with Treachery (including tax offences.) Punishments are brutal and barbaric. Larger Towns and Cities have Mayors appointed by the Attendant to oversee the Courts and Guard patrols.

In Drakesdoom

A few Gisgard adventurers may have made it far west on the back of Yesyanolan exploration.



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