Kingdom of D’elan

Leadership and politics

King Louis the 12th is a flop, lazy, unclear in his policy, inactive in his administration and indebted to a number of domestic and Dunloch usurers. His decision to the devalue the currency (by half) to pay them has backfired all the people have refused the new base currency. As inflation spiraled the King has raised his already catastrophically crippling taxes and the peasants frequent revolts have been crushed by the use of Gothic missionaries.

Louis would be under threat from the nobles if it weren’t for is secure succession and his generosity to his “Noble Brothers”. The church also supports him strongly. While Louis responds to this foreign policy aspirations and ideas, he has no intention of reconquering lost provinces off D’Elan (Dunlop, Armor Rhuravia, Zurvia,  Duval or Giscard) , pursuing his claim to Duninaden or establishing colonies. One less distraction for the countries concerned



The military is feudal. Thel dissatisfaction of the yeomanry & the poorer knights means that mercenaries from the Neo-Malikia & Gothica are the backbone of the state, (paid in pre-devaluations coinage. )

The king maintains no other army than his titles (three dukedoms, two counties, a Marquessship and five baronies) enable him to. It is in D’elan that the curriasser is in the ascendent and D’elan’s destiners ( warhorses) are the finest in the world. Having nature of the knight armour means that while mounted on the most skilful could defeat them they’re vulnerable when dismounted. Furthermore the expense of such armour means the châteaus of these flowers of chivalry lack artillery or modern defences. Lack of standing infantry means if mercenaries are bribed or dissatisfied D’elan is a flower for the plucking. Gunpowder is rare. & archery banned except the nobles because of fear of it’s use in the peasants revolts .

Ethnic mix 98% D;elaine 1% Gothic in the north west and 1%l neo-malkia  in the south west,

Economics and technology

Technology is very late mediaeval with highly advanced armour, metal working and engineering. Gunpowder is uncommon and D’elan lags behind other countries in naval technology still using galleys on its coasts though some merchants are starting to invest in sailing vessels,

The economy is in ruins with spiralling prices, poor harvests & even the silver and iron mines of the eastern provinces suffering from a decline in the old seams . Peasants revolt which worsens matters as a nobles trash fields to avenge the insults of rebellion causing further price rises and famine.

Class controls and judicial systems



Class controls are very strong noble and churlish classes hardly mixing. Merchants are weak , poor and disorganised. Inbreeding is common both in both the noble and churlish classes and classes suspicion is the norm. The urban poor are even more wretched than the rural peasants and nobles periodically purge cities of their unwanted occupants causing further misery.

Law & order is wantonly lacking being left to local nobles to arrange and often not even attempted. Where law is enforced the Lord or his representative (sheriff , justice, magistrate or attorney ) oversee trial by ordeal, combat or if a noble a jury of peers. Victimise family must catch the accused for trial


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