Drakesdoom: Kingdom of Duninaden



Duninaden is the Kingdom which controls the Colony of New Duninaden in Discoverie. As a consequence while it is a minor player in Ancienia it is worth describing here ahead of some other powers in the ‘Old World.’


Leadership and Politics

Entering his forties King Rufus III finds himself in a precarious position. He is intensely religious and considered it his moral duty to oppose his brothers the two prior incumbents to the throne due to their immoral lifestyle. Crowned King with the support of the nobles who thought the ‘unworldly usurper’ would be easy to manipulate and too high minded to interfere with their affairs he has since eroded this support. He has crushed those who opposed his policies, abolished serfdom and entertained Crimyelan and Duniaden leaders.

His success in battle  not due to his plodding intellect but rather his powerful stocky frame’s ability to absorb damage and his inspirational bravery. The integration of Crimyelan longbow archers into the Duniaden King’s forces has also helped. The Barons do plot and some think of asking the Crown prince Henry to come back from new Duniaden with an army at his back…


The nobility control the nations military power. Most land holders descended from D’elanie invaders have a feudal obligation to military service. This decentralised military lends itself to continued internal instability. The ethnically Duninaden lower classes are still required to provide Thangelt a tax in lieu of military service though some progressive Lords press them to serve instead.

Military technology is backward in the Kingdom. Cannons are rare and handguns practically non-existent. A typical D’elanie army will consist of

  • noble knights, the very wealthiest equipped like continental D’elanie horse,
  • medium cavalry in plate and mail
  • Mercenaries and sheriffs acting as light cavalry scouts
  • Mercenary infantry – Pikes from Gothica and Dissent, Crimyelan longbowmen, Scandivar vikings and some ethnically Duninaden companies fighting with spear and shield wall.
  • Thanegelt levies by more progressive nobles (including His Majesty.)

Ethnic Mix

The Ruling class (2%) is exclusively and inbredly D’Elanie. The (Duninaden State Church) Priesthood, urban population,  officals and officers are a D’Elaine-Duninaden mix who fancy themselves D’Elanie.  The Majority of the population is Dunianden (a Crimyelan-Scandivar mix) who dominate the non-Crimyelan countryside. In the Western Principality of Crimyela the Crimyelans are dominant but are only 22% of the Kingdoms total population. The Country also has lowland Ecotch (3%)and Scandivar (5%) populations.

Economy and Technology

Agriculture is for most peasants a subsistence affair – most traded food is owned and sold by the landowning nobles (and Duninaden Church.) The economy has a low level of growth and is tied to the seasons. Trade with new Duniaden provides some stimulus.

Technology is iron-age  advanced metallurgy and firearm technology is rare to non-existent . Magic while discouraged is still practiced. The Colleges at Oxbridge and Camford have larger Themetic schools.  Less nobles are seen to  hire mages and astrologers since the rise of the disapproving King Rufus.

Class Controls and Judicial System

Class controls are very strict and based on ethnicity. Pure blood D’Elanie being higher than Duninadens who are treated better than Crimyelans or Scandivar. The odd Crimyelan or Dunianden knight exists but they are a very rare sight. Marrying out of one’s class is rare and marriages are largely financial transactions. The merchant class and guilds provide some means of advancement but entrance is difficult. While above peasants the Merchant and artisan class is still under the nobilities yoke.  The State Church acts as he Royal civil service and is possibily the best way to gain advancement though only a very talented Duninaden would rise beyond Parish priest.

Trial by ordel is the rule for peasantry but in the Duninaden tradition freemen and nobles can be tried by a jury of their peers overseen by the local Sherriff. As Sherriffs are employees of the local noble they are far from impartial.

2 comments on “Drakesdoom: Kingdom of Duninaden

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