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Republic of Libereco


The terribly nice liberal, ethnically diverse and middle class colonists of Libereco arrived on Mandela III with their ideals of a kibbutz style republic speaking Esperanto and full of good intentions. Unfortunately a few years later the fascist Russo-Balkan colonists of Pan-Slavia arrived and using brute force and ignorance treated the Liberecoians to a brutal invasion. Fortunately Libereco had kept a residual space travel capacity and managed to flee to the moon of Mandela III.

From then on they mined and built in the tough conditions. The Pan-Slavians continued to expand on the planet’s surface until some decade later their came an ultimatum from the moon for certain areas rich is particular resources to be handed over. Marshal Valivostky refused and when the mass driver attacks came they were terrible and prompted a coup which gave the Liberecoians what they wanted.

From there the Libereco expanded swiftly acquiring jump systems enabling them to contact from the broader humanity. Using their skills at working in non-atmosphere hostile environments Libereco has colonised a dozen airless rocks, planetoids, large meteors and moons defended by mass drivers, star fighters and small stealthy scout ships and backed by universal service militia.

Libereco Defendistaro = Liberty Defence Force

Main Fleet – conscripts and professionals. Theese uniforms have uniform spacesuits and may beven wear one or two pieces of official uniform on duty (though more likely when trying to impress visitors.)

Kroatlo (Rattlesnake) & Viper – ex Niptish Royal Navy old ‘Walker’ class corvettes heavily upgraded and refitted.

Enespezas (Cobra) & Diamondback – ex-United Americas Coastguard patrol cutters heavily upgraded refitted and militarised.

Fer-de-Lanco (Fer-de-lance), Mamba, Krait & Sidewinder – ex Christo-Communard stealth ships

1st-7th (Batalando) Eskadrons – fighter squadrons each equipped with 10 old United Americas Warhawk III strike fighters.

8th-10th (Utelico) Eskadrons – transport squadrons with limited offensive and ECW capability using a civilian Ocelot ‘space hoppers’ – each squadron has 3 flights of 12 craft but are often deployed as individual flights.

Privateers – all Libererco merchantmen from freighters to small tugs are part of the militia and are capable of carrying often very primitive and outdated offensive armament. In the event of an attack the plan would be for these to activate and attack an aggressors merchant fleet making the costs of an attack. Uniforms are basically a military ID card and maybe an issue holster or tool belt (unless they’ve bought or inherited something they prefer.)

Settlement Militias – everyone else serves in neighbourhood or employment based militia units in the event of attack with elected officers. Weapons are kept at home or workplace (and are geared towards use in the corridors and surface of their airless worlds.) Uniforms don’t really exist beyond armbands and some body armour – most just wearing their work fatigues or personal spacesuits.

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