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Pubs of East Drakesdoom

City of Drakesdoom

City of Drakesdoom

Timbertown –East Villas – restaurant and bar for nouveau rich with visible security the armed and armoured ‘Timbertown Territorials’ (who also undertake freelance detective and protective work for the rich.)

The Inky Fingers – Spawning Grounds – drinking den of the Daily Roar’s employees.

The Tunnel and Troll – Trollbridge – opposite the beehive Troll Steam lodge a bar for all races in a caved in cellar.

The Mutant Turtle – The Wide Docks – sailors pub

The Steverdore’s Rest – Speicherstadt –  dockers pub

Antonio’s – Speicherstadt – Clerk’s restaurant and bar

Lloyd’s – Speicherstadt – Coffee House

Falcone’s – Speicherstadt – Coffee House

Marinio’s – Speicherstadt – Coffee House

The Tapas House – Speicherstadt – Restaurant & bar

Meze – Speicherstadt – Restaurant & bar

The Dirty Bird – Piscinasucia – sailor and dockers pub (and bordello.)

The Big Blue Boy Scout  – Komisluk – named after a powder burnt pioneer hero .

The Wheelwrights Arms

The Sun Emperor – The Mahalle – Fire Avenue – Restaurant

The Jolly Miller – Wheat Court – innocuous pub with mixed clientele

The Green, Green Grass of Home- Upper Eastgate – local ‘city goat’ pub

The Slaughtered Lamb- Upper Eastgate – local ‘city goat’ pub

The Hanged Jackal – Upper Eastgate – local ‘city goat’ pub

Hunters Moon- Upper Eastgate – local ‘city goat’ pub

The Hook- Northgates – a pub frequented by guild and honest minded dockers

The Mermaid – Northgates – a dive that serves the more criminal elements

The Hemp &Canvas – Northgates- large tavern that is popular with the Northgates Residents Association a body representing the tradesmen faction

Baal’s End – The Suk – bar and drug den

Moloch’s – The Suk – bar and drug den

The Grace – The Suk – Coffee House

Diplomas – The Suk – Coffee House (and language school)

The Fat Man’s – The Suk – Coffee House

Interzone – The Maze – bar and drug den run by reptillian-insectoid Mugwumps

The Firefly – The Maze – spirits bar

Jake’s – The Maze – pub

Dexter’s – The Maze – bar

The Chivalry and Sorcery  – The Holys – narrow crampt quiet pub noteable that it’s landlord is a hulking ogre from the Black Alps (with the gentlest manner) by the name of Andre who has two trolls as bar staff.  He actually enters the pub through the a door in the roof.

The Villain and Vigilante – The Narrows – home and legitimate business of the Red Daggers gang

The Clockwork Frog – The Narrows – home and legitimate business of the Blue Buckler’s gang

The Black Bull – The Stockyards – rough tough big drinking den for drovers and slaughtermen which attracts a rowdy crowd and resulting fist fights. Not a brothel but many sex workers pick up clients there.

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