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Pubs of West Drakesdoom

Drakesdoom City big

Some notes on aleshouses of West Drakesdoom

The Infernal Infant –fisherman’s pub at the end of Northern tip of the Lane of a Thousand and One Delights – it serves both Fish fields and North Quays

The Circle Bar– West Drakesdoom – Fishfields  – pub opposite and serving the Circle Theatre

The Cape and Cowl –pub ran by the ‘Merrymen’ gang – has a vigilante’s bloody cape and mask pinned above the bar with the dangers of the ‘first thirteen’ of the gang.

The Blind Admiral – Middocks – serves privateers and fishermen

The Buzzard and Baby –Houses of Wisdom – Lane of a Thousand and One Delights, Academics pub

The House of the Scorpion –Barrack Barrio – Lane of a Thousand and One Delights – gym and club

The Cracked Cauldron – Corner Poets Stroll and the Lane of a Thousand and One Delights – student bar

The Masquerade – West Wall – underground bar in abandoned crypt – serves a lot of ‘red wine’ to pale customers and their acolytes. Been burnt down several times and the suscpion it’s members of the Paladin’s Guard  committing the arson.

The Scarlet Cask (or the ‘Blood Tub’)– West wall – thugs pub for deviants and amoral henchmen for hire who will work for the necromantic residents of West Wall. Rival factions often enter into brawls.

The Thirsty Scholar – West Wall – more civilized drinkery for the ‘scholarly’ residents of West wall. Just don’t study the artwork too closely…

The Herald and Cat – Alleytown – the drinking den of Pyat the Herald and his gang

The Jade Panther – Alleytown right by the Silkgate – bordello and bar


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